A Snurcher's Guide to Farscape

Official Convention, Burbank 2003

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Event Schedule:

Day 1

  1. Richard Manning
  2. Virginia Hey & Paul Goddard
  3. Panel: Save Farscape
  4. Panel: Farscape on the Net
  5. Lani Tupu

Day 2

  1. Rockne S. O'Bannon
  2. Claudia Black
  3. Ben Browder
  4. Commentary: John Quixote
  5. Jonathan Hardy, David Franklin, & Raelee Hill
  6. Evening Dessert & Dance Party

Day 3

  1. Charity Breakfast
  2. Ben Browder
  3. Meet & Greet: Paul Goddard, David Franklin
  4. Francesca Buller
  5. Panel: Uncharted Tales
  6. Bianca Chiminello
  7. Gigi Edgley


The fourth annual Official Farscape Convention was held on November 14-16 2003, in Burbank, California.

Appearing at the convention were the following cast and crew members (listed alphabetically):

This report was transcribed from rough notes taken during the weekend's events. All quotes are paraphrases, accurate to the best of our recollection/notes, but also subject to the failure of both. Huge thanks go to PyeCat, for filling in the gaps and correcting (hopefully most of) the errors; be sure to check out his site.

To view the report for each day of this event, please use the links in the sidebar at left.

As always, the Farscape production staff and cast members who attended gave very generously of their time and tales of personal experiences, were highly entertaining, and all in all just Good People. Fantastic folks, all; we thank them for both a great series, and a super weekend.

Creation Entertainment went the extra mile and then some this year, to enhance the fans' involvement and enjoyment of the events. Kudos, guys.