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Hardy, Jonathan

Voice of Dominar Rygel XVI (Main Cast)
Kahaynu - 211, 221

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 20 September 1940 (Wellington, New Zealand)

Jonathan received a writing credit on the film, "Breaker Morant" (1980).

Other Credits

Television: The Adventures of Skippy; All Saints; Andra; Bluey; Butterfly Island; Family and Friends; The Flying Doctors; The John Sullivan Story; Medivac; Mission: Impossible; More Winners: His Master's Ghost; Power Without Glory; Prisoner; Snowy River: The McGregor Saga; Stingers; Terrain; The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years; The Trial of Ned Kelly
Film: The Adventures of Barry McKenzie; Backstage; Bloodmoon; Breaker Morant; Camping with Camus; Constance; Death Warmed Up; The Delinquents; The Devil's Playground; Down Rusty Down; Lonely Hearts; Mad Max; The Mango Tree; Mesmerized; Moulin Rouge!; Ned Kelly; Return to Snowy River; The Scarecrow; Tunnel Vision; Wills & Burke
Theater: -
Other: Farscape: The Game [videogame]

Non-Farscape Images

As Police Commissioner Labatouche in the film "Mad Max" (1979).

Contact Information

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