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Goddard, Paul

Stark (Recurring Cast)

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: unknown

Paul received a Sydney Theatre Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor, for his role in 'Angels in America'.

Other Credits

Television: Barnum!; Big Sky; Bondi Banquet; Coronation Street; A Country Practice; G.P.; The Lost World; Sons and Daughters; Water Rats
Film: Babe; Billy's Holiday; Bullseye; Dead to the World; The Everlasting Secret Family; Hildegarde; Holy Smoke; The Matrix; Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie; Wild [narrator]
Theater: Angels in America; Arcadia; Betrayal; The Gift of the Gorgon; Heretic; Moby Dick; Saint Joan; The School for Scandal; Stiffs; The Temple
Other: -

Non-Farscape Images

As Agent Brown in the film, "The Matrix" (1999).

As Son-in-Law in the film, "Babe" (1995).

As Lawrence in the television series, "The Lost World" (episode 3.06, 'Fire in the Sky').

Contact Information

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