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Sacrifice (What Was Lost 1)

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Production No. 402

Best Viewed As 4.2

Aired As
4.02 (US & UK)

Original Airdates
14 Jun 2002 (US)
30 Sep 2002 (UK)

1.3 (US)

Sacrifice (What Was Lost 1)
Abbreviations: WWL1, Sacrifice
Alternate Titles: (none)

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Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Rowan Woods
Tammy MacIntosh............Jool
Raelee Hill................Sikozu 
Melissa Jaffer.............The Old Woman 
Rebecca Riggs..............Commandant Mele-On Grayza 
David Franklin.............Captain Braca 
Steve Le Marquand..........Oo-Nii 
Elizabeth Alexander........Vella 
Dinah Shearing.............Voice of Elack's Pilot
Kim De Lury................Tarnat
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As Jool and D'Argo are reunited with the remains of Moya's crew, Jool's archeology background is uncovered once more. Although it's unlikely she'll wind up back in Grunchlik's freezer this time, the stakes at this dig are just as high, enough so that The Old Woman may sacrifice John's life to protect them...assuming Commandant Grayza doesn't capture him first.


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One figure that John sees, first on a wall of the dig, and later on a child's tile, is similar to the Egyptian heiroglyph referred to as the Eye of Horus.

John: "Damn! The Creature from the Black Lagoon, sorta."

John likens Oo-nii to the eponymous character of the classic 1954 monster movie and its two sequels: 1955's REVENGE OF THE CREATURE and 1956's THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US.

Translator Microbe Report

Arky-arky idiomatic equivalent of high and mighty: "Don't play arky-arky with me!"
Arnessk planetary site of archaeological dig where Jool hoped to find more of her species
Carver tool used in archaeological digs, whose beam transforms living flesh into rock
Darnaz probes deployed in a group of three, form the Darnaz Triangle
Darnaz Triangle consists of three probes, which can form a stasis field and change planetary magnetics
Felinnoosen a piece of music Rygel knows: "Pull the other one and I'll whistle 'Felinnoosen'."
Grandma Crichton's nickname for Noranti
Granny Crichton's nickname for Noranti
Hoo-man Noranti's mishearing of human
Jarnass flash type of booby trap that emits a brief, bright flash of flame
Laka small creature found on Arnessk whose innards are a powerful drug that help the user forget
Lo'La the name D'Argo gave his ship
Nakked unknown: "I can barely hear you and the heat's nakked in here."
Nally-whipped pussy-whipped: "Crichton is nally-whipped."
Noli toilet
Prayer wheel type of mosaic found on the walls of the Arnessk dig site
Psycho Chiana's nickname for Sikozu
Tork unknown: "Tell her to shove it up tork, Crichton!"
Zalk unknown: "I don't want to be here when Psycho zaps the final zalk."



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