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Shearing, Dinah

Voice of Elack's Pilot - 401, 402, 403

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 12 February 1928 (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

Dinah received an Australia Medal in 1992. She also received the 1998 Norman Kessell award, and the 1993 Sydney Theatre Critics Award for Best Supporting Performance. She is married to the artist, poet and playwright Rodney Milgate.

Other Credits

Television: All Saints; All the Rivers Run; A Country Practice; Delta; E Street; Family and Friends; Five Mile Creek; The Harp in the South; The Lost World; Man of Letters; Singles; The Sullivans; Time and Tide; Wildside
Film: Buddies; The Long Wet [short film]
Theater: Coriolanus; A Delicate Balance
Other: -

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As 'Mother' in the short film, "The Long Wet" (2001).

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