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Jaffer, Melissa

Nilaam (old) - 203
Voice of Female Pilot - 207
Utu-Noranti Pralatong, aka Old Woman (Recurring Cast)

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 01 December 1936 (Gladstone, South Australia, Australia)

Other Credits

Television: All Saints; Ben Hall; BlackJack; Brides of Christ; Division 4; E Street; Essington; The Farm; Five Mile Creek; G.P.; Good Vibrations; Grass Roots; The Harp in the South; Head Start; Heartland; Kings; Land of Hope; The Lost World; Out of Love; The Outsiders; Police Rescue; The Seven Ages of Man; Shout! The Story of Johnny O'Keefe; Silent Number; Singles; Snobs; You Too Can Have a Body
Film: El Beso del sueño; Between Wars; Caddie; The Cars That Ate Paris; Cheek to Cheek; The Coolangatta Gold; The Delinquents; The Distant Home; Komodo; Molly; My Mother Frank; Ride a Wild Pony; Sally Marshall Is Not an Alien; Starstruck; Weekend of Shadows; You and Me and Uncle Bob
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As Fairy Queen in the television series "The Lost World" (episode 1.15, 'Unnatural Selection').

Publicity photo for the short film "Cheek to Cheek" (2000).

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