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Daedalus Demands (Infinite Possibilities 1)

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Production No. 314

Best Viewed As 3.14

Aired As
3.14 (US & UK)

Original Airdates
27 Jul 2001 (US)
26 Nov 2001 (UK)

1.4 (US)
1.83 (UK)

Daedalus Demands (Infinite Possibilities 1)
Abbreviations: IP.1, IP.DD
Alternate Titles: (none)

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Writer: Carleton Eastlake
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Kent McCord................Jack Crichton
Magda Szubanski............Furlow
Patrick Ward...............Zylar 
Ray Anthony................Unspecified
Thomas Holesgrove..........Alcar (uncredited)
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"You could call it that. I call it, uh...'Harvey'."

Just as things seem to be calming down for Talyn's crew, the Ancients come calling, and they don't bring good news: the Farscape 1 module was seen traversing a wormhole, at a time when John knew it was safely aboard Moya. A quick return to Furlow's workshop turns up a duplicate built from scratch, but that's only the beginning of the problem; while two species prepare to assault the compound, John makes an assault of his own...against Harvey.


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John's last encounter with the Ancients left a residual link between their minds; the Ancients are able to use this link as a homing signal, to summon John.

John seems to be teaching Aeryn to speak and read English, phonetically.

The Ancients were finally successful in locating and settling a new homeworld. Jack voluntarily stayed behind to ensure that no one followed them; he does not expect to be able to rejoin them.

Approximately 1/3 cycle ago, the Ancients saw John's module, piloted by an alien, flying in an unstable wormhole on a path close to that of the Ancients new homeworld. However, at that time the Farscape 1 was safely aboard Moya.

A phase stabilizer allows travel through any wormhole; few know how to duplicate the technology.

The Ancients can't penetrate John's mind deeply enough to see if he's telling the truth.

John could not rebuild the module from memory; therefore, Scorpius could not have built the duplicate with the information his chip extracted from John's mind.

Harvey fears Jack discovering his existence.

Charrids were not a recognizable species to Aeryn and Crais. Rygel, however, knows that they invaded Hynerian space 1000 cycles ago, killing a billion subjects, and eating a million Hynerian young. They were only driven off by wave after wave of suicide attacks. Rygel fears that wormholes would let Charrids attack and disappear before his people could retaliate.

There are unconfirmed Peacekeeper intelligence reports which suggest an alliance between Scarrans and Charrids.

The Ancients are a dying race, and would not be able to defend themselves against a hostile attack.

Dam-ba-da has been sterilized; the spaceport is leveled, but there are no weapons installations.

Talyn's systems are susceptible to damage by strong solar flares, but he feels sufficient loyalty to his crew that he risks this damage in order to provide them with covering fire during the middle of a flare.

John and Aeryn are beginning to address the compatibility of their long-term goals, with regard to finding a way to Earth. John doesn't want to go back alone; Aeryn doesn't want him to go alone, either.

Jack can sense approaching solar flares.

When Talyn is blinded by the flare, so is Crais. Crais' transponder also seems to overload or short out; Aeryn has to remove it for him.

Charrids apparently consume their military opponents.

Aeryn retrieves a Charrid communications device from their prisoner.

Other than the main entrance, all avenues into the compound are booby trapped.

Furlow has copied John's module right down to the decals, using the scans she made when it was in her shop for repairs in "Till the Blood Runs Clear". She flew it through a proto-wormhole four times.

Furlow hired the Charrids for security; they did the first test flights, but then jumped her in orbit a couple of solar days before Talyn and crew arrived. The Charrids tortured Furlow for the passwords to her computers, but she didn't give them up.

Crais thinks that Stark knows talyn, and therefor can calm him down.

Furlow claims most folks cleared out due to the intensity of the solar flares; she lied to John about the timing of the flare activity, hoping to keep him away while she worked.

According to the Charrid prisoner, his species has a "superior" resistance to pain.

Furlow intends to sell the wormhole technology to the highest bidder; Jack cannot permit that. Attempting to bargain, Furlow offers to sell to both sides, maintaining a balance of power while cleaning up financially.

Rygel kills the Charrid in the course of interrogating him, without showing the slightest hesitation or guilt.

The Charrid told Rygel that a Scarran dreadnaught would arrive within six arns.

A Scarran dreadnaught is about twice the size of a Peacekeeper Command Carrier.

Stark can see no part of Talyn which is not damaged.

The Scarrans are able to tap into Furlow's computer remotely, overriding all her passcodes and downloading her data -- apparently enough to make their own phase stabilizer. Jack wants to destroy the dreadnaught in order to destroy the data; however, he will have to break the Ancients' rules in order to do so.

Jack can unlock the wormhole data planted in John's mind by the Ancients, but he won't do so in front of Harvey. He thinks that by adding his mental energy to John's, they can drive Harvey out. He cannot channel additional mental energy from Aeryn to John.

If Harvey cannot co-exist with or control John, he will destroy him.

Rygel scored at least nine direct hits with his turret gun.

Jack doesn't need a protection suit against the nuclear fuel.

Crais says the docking control doesn't feel right (although Stark says everything looks all right).

The solar flares interrupt comms traffic between Talyn and the crew planetside.

Rygel the Ninth singlehandedly led the climactic charge at the Battle of Katreen. Rygel the Sixteenth considers him a moron for risking himself in such a manner, but after spending some time in the gun turret, can understand his motivations.

Aeryn still remembers how to give John mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Rygel has a shrapnel wound in his gut.

Harvey claims that he has destroyed John.



  1. Was John(Moya) also receiving the "homing signal" from the Ancients?
  2. As John and Jack walk through Talyn's corridors, John seems to hear something, and looks back over his shoulder. Was this just a natural, non-significant action?
  3. Jack doesn't need goggles against the solar flares; John says this is because Jack's eyes aren't real. So how is Jack protecting his real eyes? Do they even need protection?
  4. Why did Stark and Rygel go planetside in the first place, leaving Talyn completely un-crewed?
  5. Presumably, Crais' blindness is a sympthetic reaction to Talyn's. However, he doesn't wear goggles as they return through a flare, to Talyn. Wouldn't this lead to direct damage of his own retinas?
  6. Why is it such a bad thing, to unlock the wormhole data in front of Harvey? Are they afraid Harvey would try to find some way to get it to Scorpius?
  7. One minute Harvey is cowering on the rollercoaster, and John seems in complete control. The next minute Harvey claims victory. That was a pretty fast turnaround -- what the frell happened?
  8. What the heck is going on with Stark, and his reactions to Aeryn? First he won't let go of her hand when she gives him the goggles, then he gleefully tells Rygel that Aeryn likes him more than the Hynerian. Is he obsessing about the possiblity of Zhaan's energy residing in her?
  9. Aeryn can tell that the Charrid's comms traffic is increasing, by listening in on the snurched communicator. Can she actually understand the individual messages?
  10. Why is Furlow so disturbed at seeing Jack's true form?
  11. What are all the patches on Harvey's jumpsuit?


  1. The shot of the transport pod landing on Dam-ba-da was gorgeous.
  2. John's face after being kissed by Furlow was hysterical.
  3. Furlow seems to have an amusing fixation on John, first kissing him, and then trying to talk him into taking off with her in the module.
  4. Very nice moment, when John picks a thread off Harvey's suit while asking, "are you threatening me?"


  1. Furlow's cheek wound changes shape and size during the course of the episode.


Farscape World
Tourist's Guide


Farscape World
Terra Firma


The subtitle (along with that of Part Two, "Icarus Abides") refers to the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus. In brief: the scientist/engineer Daedalus created wings that would enable a man to fly, and warned his son Icarus not to fly too high, or the sun would melt the wax holding the feathers of the wings together. But, of course, kids never listen to their parents...

The reference applies to this 2-part episode on several levels. One would be the father-son relationship between the alien "Jack" and Crichton. Another would be more specifically that Daedalus-Jack is supplying Icarus-John with a technology that, if misused, would mean his death. This is somewhat underscored by the fact that it is radiation from the device which ultimately causes John's death.

Early in the episode, as Harvey "pulls John in" for a meeting, they appear in bumper cars, one of numerous common, thrilling (or insane, depending on one's point of view) amusement park rides. This is echoed toward the end of the episode when John takes Harvey on a rollercoaster ride.

John: "All right, seat belt sign is off. Aeryn, Crais, we're up."

As noted in the annotations for "Durka Returns", this refers to the Federal regulations in the United States requiring that seatbelts be worn by all aircraft passengers during takeoff and landing, when the Fasten Seatbelt sign is illuminated.

John: "My, Grandma. What big teeth you have."

A reference to the fairy tale of "Little Red Riding Hood", best known in its Brothers Grimm version.

Harvey: "Help me, John!"
John: "Go to hell, Scorpy. 'For everything there is a season. A time to keep, and a time to cast away.'"

As previously mentioned in the annotations for "Season of Death", this is a reference to the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes, a slight variation of:

3:5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together.

Translator Microbe Report

Banta bug idiomatic equivalent of a bedbug: "You know that everyone thinks you're crazy as a banta bug."
Blotchers unknown: "The blotchers double-crossed me."
Charrids carnivorous mercenary species allied with the Scarrans
Flitz unknown: "Unstable as all flitz, didn't even muss my hair."
Focused trans-emitter coil component needed by Jack to maximize power output
Frangle idiomatic equivalent of ass: "You bet your frangle it is." (secondary definition)
Funnyface Crichton's nickname for a Charrid
Katreen, Battle of conflict in which Rygel the Ninth singlehandedly led the climactic charge
Lobboth a large creature: "That aim couldn't hit a pregnant lobboth."
Mallot measure of quantity: "A tenth of a mallot of partanium isotope would do it."
Partanium isotope type of nuclear fuel requested by Jack
Phase stabilizer device which allows travel through any wormhole, even a proto-wormhole
Ractor knife-like Charrid weapon, designed with neural circuits to inflict ten times the normal pain
Si Fiesh Ra vaheerma eket siek Stark's chant while assisting Crais
Tarbek grenades a type of explosive charge, set by hand
Thoddo personal slur: "Who is that thoddo?"; "We're closed, you thoddoes!"
Treblin the opposite of hamman: "Turn to your treblin side."
Vas pyloba mishkith, lano trelba Stark's calming Delvian chant
Wave guides component Jack asks Furlow to provide


"You know that everyone thinks you're crazy as a banta bug."
"Yeah, what else is new?"
- Aeryn Sun, John Crichton

"Are you speaking the truth?"
"Jack, you're a mind-reading alien, like my dad...don't you know when I'm speaking the truth?"
- Alien Dad, John Crichton

"And can we please get out of my head?"
- John Crichton

"My given name is [about a dozen unintelligible syllables]. You can call me Jack."
- Alien Dad

"I know a Delvian chant that is very calming in times of stress. Vas pyloba mishkith lano trelba...say it with me...vas pyloba mishkith lano trelba...vas pyloba mishkith--"
"Stop it you lunatic...get it through what's left of that head of yours that this is serious!"
- Stark, Rygel

"Sorry to screw up your life again."
"Just as long as you know it's all your fault."
- John Crichton, Aeryn Sun

"If you hadn't fallen into a wormhole, you never would have met--"
- Aeryn Sun, John Crichton

"Furlow, yeah, she's sexy. She's a good one to take home and meet the folks. ...What, you didn't think I planned on going home alone, didja?"
"I haven't been thinking about it."
"I wouldn't...want to do that. To go back alone."
"I wouldn't want you too."
"We should talk about this."
"Some other time?"
"Yeah...we could do lunch."
- John Crichton, Aeryn Sun

"All right, seatbelt sign is off. Aeryn, Crais, we're up."
- John Crichton

"Maybe it's just a couple of guys...okay, maybe not!"
- John Crichton

"Si fiesh ra vaheerma eckuk ziek...Si fiesh ra vaheerma eckuk ziek...Si fiesh ra vaheerma eckuk ziek--"
"He said help me, you idiot, not chant me over to the Other Side!"
- Stark, Bialar Crais

"Well, well, well, if it isn't my favorite flyboy. Just couldn't stay away from me, huh?"
"What the hell happened to you?"
"You know, I'd be happy to tell you all about it, if you'd just cut me the frell down!"
- Furlow, John Crichton

"My, Grandma, what big teeth you have."
"We'll feast on you tonight...and tomorrow all your families."
"Yeah. And you can have our pets for breakfast, too."
"You fear me."
"No, you just smell."
- John Crichton, Charrid Prisoner

"Yeah, when you ripped off all my data."
"You know, you're gonna have to let that go, Johnny."
- Furlow, John Crichton

"Point is, I flew through a wormhole, four times...and not just a wormhole, a proto-wormhole. Unstable as all flitz, didn't even muss my hair."
- Furlow

"Let me be your eye!"
"Perfect, the half-blind leading the blind."
"No, he's right, Rygel, get in here."
"She likes me more than she likes you."
- Stark, Rygel, Aeryn Sun

"I think we should tie her back up."
"Don't tempt me."
"No, I said tie her back up."
- Aeryn Sun, John Crichton

"The others want me alive."
"Yes? Well, plainly you're unaware of one more fact: I don't give a garanta's brax what the others want."
- Charrid Prisoner, Rygel

"What can you see?"
"Damage damage damage--"
"Whatever would I do without your verbal gifts?"
"Oh, you want more words? Well, the conduits are damaged; bulkheads, damaged; external sensors, damaged, too. There is nothing that is not damaged."
"Least of all you."
"I can see."
"If only you could think."
- Bialar Crais, Stark

"I can find my way on my own ship!" [walks into wall]
"Are you ready now?"
- Bialar Crais, Stark

"What happens if they fire in a mortar shell?"
"Well, that simple: you'll die. So keep them back."
"Show me how this works again."
"That's your reload, that's your aim, and this is your fire. Goodbye."
- Rygel, Aeryn Sun

"You know that thing we were talking about earlier? It's looking even better now."
"What thing you were talking about earlier?"
"Oh, nuthin'."
- Furlow, Aeryn Sun

"If they knew what you and I were creating here, they'd kill us both."
"That's terrific, Jack...I already have half the universe after me, I really want the Ancients on my ass as well."
- Alien Dad, John Crichton

"A neural clone?"
"You could call it that. I call it, uh...'Harvey'."
- Alien Dad, John Crichton

"If your mind really isn't big enough for the both of us, either I'll survive, or neither of us will."
"Harvey, kiss my medulla oblongata."
- Harvey, John Crichton

"We're closed, you thoddoes!"
- Furlow

"Is there some way to transfer energy? Can you link his mind with mine?"
"No. Aeryn Sun, John already has your strength."
"And someone's got to stay on the outside, in case everything goes pear-shaped."
"I know what to do."
- Aeryn Sun, Alien Dad, John Crichton

"Imagine if he was on our side."
"He is on our side."
"Uh huh."
- Furlow, John Crichton

"Boy, you don't want much, do ya? Hope you're not in a hurry."
"We're in a hurry."
"I'll do my best."
- Furlow, John Crichton

"It's working, working!"
"Is the navigation console responding?"
"No, but I'm feeling better!"
- Stark, Bialar Crais

"He was a hero?"
"He was a moron. Dominars are far too valuable for combat and much less front lines, but, you know strangely enough, I think I understand why he did it."
- Aeryn Sun, Rygel

"Taste this, bloodsucker!"
"We'll make a soldier out of you yet, Rygel."
"Well, don't think I'm going to make a habit of it."
- Rygel, Aeryn Sun

"I've even saved your life!"
"You saved yourself, you don't get brownie points for that, Scorp."
- Harvey, John Crichton

"Do not play the Aeryn card, Scorp, you killed her!"
"Aeryn's alive."
"Now Zhaan's dead. Who do I thank for that?"
- John Crichton, Harvey

"Go to hell, Scorpy. For everything there is a season, a time to keep and a time to cast away."
- John Crichton

"I'll give you indigestion!"
- Rygel

Comments from Cast & Crew

Farscape Wrap Day Extravaganza, July 26, 2001

  • Moderator2: <FourGOM> to <Moderator2>: (For Tim) What has been the effect that you feel has turned out best this season?

    TimFerrier: I think Marusha can better answer this question...

    MarushaKushnirukXeros: There are hundreds of effects and some of the work we are particularly proud of.... is coming up tomorrow night.... watch out for it..