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Ward, Patrick

Zylar - 314
Ralnaht - 419

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 4 January 1950 (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Other Credits

Television: Anzacs; Arcade; Bad Cop, Bad Cop; Barracuda; Body Surfer; Chances; Class of '74; The Cousin from Fiji; Fields of Fire; Fields of Fire II; Fields of Fire III; Home and Away; Kindred Spirits; The Love Boat; Mission: Impossible; My Two Wives; Number 96; Phoenix; Runaway Island; Shimmering Light; Spearfield's Daughter; Spyforce; Supersleuth; The Unisexers
Film: The Chain Reaction; The Crossing; Number 96; Running From the Guns; Sidecar Racers; Stone; Warming Up
Theater: My Life in Art
Other: -

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