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A.J. Prowse
Andrew J. Prowse

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Prowse, Andrew

Director of episodes 101, 109, 112, 121, 202, 206, 210, 221, 211, 218, 302, 316, 322, 401, 411, 417, 422)
Production Consultant (102, 104-122)
Associate Producer (201-222)
Co-Producer (301-422)

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Birthday: unknown

Other Credits

Television: Big Sky; Cody; Heartbreak High; The New Adventures of Black Beauty; Police Rescue; Robbery Under Arms; Ultraman: Towards the Future; Wildside
Film: Call Me Mr. Brown; Demonstone; Driving Force; Fair Game; Midnite Spares; Money Movers; Playing Beatie Bow; Run Chrissie Run!; The Siege of Firebase Gloria; The Time Guardian; Ultraman G; Weekend of Shadows
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