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Revenging Angel

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Production No. 316

Best Viewed As 3.16

Aired As
3.16 (US & UK)

Original Airdates
10 Aug 2001 (US)
17 Dec 2001 (UK)

1.3 (US)
1.72 (UK)

Revenging Angel
Abbreviations: RA
Alternate Titles: (none)

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Writer: David Kemper
Director: Andrew Prowse
Tammy MacIntosh............Jool
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"I'm real. I have to live with what I do."

John and D'Argo's strained friendship hits the breaking point...on John's skull. While the rest of Moya's crew frantically tries to stop D'Argo's Luxan ship from exploding in the transport hangar, a comatose John finds himself going looney tunes to work out problems of his own.


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On his own, D'Argo began learning to control the new ship, and had learned how to get it safely off the ground four times before demonstrating his new skills to John.

The new ship is able to generate an energy pulse which sears all Moya's active power conduits, crippling every inton of conduit and power application running at the time of the pulse. For example, the hangar doors won't open, but comms still works since it wasn't in use at that moment.

Only the DRDs are capable of rewiring Moya.

The ship' active security self-destruct sequence can only be aborted with one of three artifacts singular to Luxan heritage: an Ancient Freedom Text (D'argo says this is very rare), an Orican's Prayer Amulet, or a Qualta Blade. D'Argo also says it's almost as if it wants them to shut it down. The implication is that the ship was testing its potential captain and crews.

The diagnostic (medical) scanner has an independent power cell.

Harvey claims John's mind is no longer strong enough to keep him (Harvey) at bay.

Each of the crew offers advice to John. Harvey wants revenge. Pilot suggests running away. Jool suggests talking out the problem. Chiana suggests out-thinking his opponent. Aeryn just asks D'Argo to stop.

Pilot offers the crew the chance to survive when he and Moya die, telling them to take food, liquids and a long-range frequency modulator to Tier Sixteen's treblin side pressure hatchway. He can then detach this self-contained section, and it can temporarily function as an escape pod; they should be able to survive for several days before hypothermia sets in.

Chiana won't let the rest of the crew leave without taking Crichton with them.

D'Argo cannot speak or read Ancient Luxan, but he remembers something his grandfather used to say in that language, most probably a curse. This is sufficient to trigger a response from the mystery ship.

Moya's dead language library is incomplete. D'Argo suggests ancient war declarations, anti-Luxan propaganda, and transcriptions of speeches as a source of words; supplemental translator microbe injections can be prepared, containing this information.

D'Argo finds the translator microbe injection painful.

Most Luxans didn't learn to read or write until approximately 300 cycles ago.

D'Argo found Jool's hair in the controls of the Luxan ship.

Jool tried to learn about D'Argo's ship in hopes that it would be a common interest for discussions with D'Argo.

Cartoon Aeryn appears as, in turn:

  • Jessica Rabbit ("Who Killed Roger Rabbit")
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Cleopatra (quoting "Romeo & Juliet")
  • Dorothy ("Wizard of Oz")
  • Madonna
  • Baywatch bimbo
  • Nancy Reagan

DRDs use the empty "cavern" beneath Pilot's Den, to discard construction and repair refuse. When commenting on how he had tossed his Qualta blade into this chasm, D'Argo refers to it as the neural cluster.

Chiana again demonstrates precognitive abilities, warning Jool before D'Argo knocks a piece of metal over the edge to fall towards Jool.

Moya supports a "panoply of harmless parasites, many serving symbiotic functions". The effluvium of one such parasite, the Hodian Trill Bat, spreads along Moya's inner hull, sealing any microscopic cracks. The effluvium, which seems to collect as a fluid, several feet deep, has a strong, unpleasant smell, and stains Jool's skin blue.

John's tombstone read:


When John was seven, Marty Goldstein stole his bike. John went over to his house and gave him a bloody nose.

D'Argo is the son of Laytun, grandson of Reksa (CC: Reska), and the great-grandson of Ka D'Argo Treytal.

D'Argo has gained access to a number of systems on the mystery ship: power systems, telemetry functions, deception shroud, sonic accelerator, particulization field, weapons cascade, and communications array. The "windshield" area of the ship can be made transparent; the ship refers to this as "eyes clear".

D'Argo has promised Jool the first ride in his ship, once he has mastered its controls.

Part of the Luxan code of honor, is that aggression against an ally entitles retribution.



  1. So, was it by coincidence or design, that Toon Crichton looked at the SciFi Channel's logo in the corner of the screen, as he declared, "God, I love Science Fiction!"?
  2. Is "Fruit bats attack Memphis" (the headline of the paper John is reading) a specific cultural reference?


  1. The boys' enforced vacation time on the industrial world (post-"Scratch 'N Sniff") apparently didn't help their friendship much; they seem ill at ease in the Luxan ship, and when it malfunctions, D'Argo immediately turns on John. D'Argo also tries to claim that John slipped, rather than taking responsibility for his own actions.
  2. It's an interesting use of the term, when Chiana asks Jool if she has "the mivonks to push the date back", given that they're both female.
  3. "Dr. Chuck Jones wrote the book on these situations." He did, indeed, and the nods to classic animation in this episode are endless. John quotes them, lives them, and in the end even translates the animated context into live action, complete with rake, pail, banana peels, and bear traps. His "on with the show, this is it!" and "that's all, folks!" as he ultimately rejects Harvey's influence are classic.
  4. John thanked Harvey for his help in the end, even as he disparages Harv's advice. It's another interesting turn in their relationship, that John can now consider him in an almost friendly context.
  5. The recovery of the Qualta blade had Arthurian overtones; Jool lifted it out of the cesspool like the Lady of the Lake raising Excalibur.
  6. The crew still thinks of the diagnostic scanner as Zhaan's, even though Jool has taken over the medical duties.
  7. It was a lovely shot, as the Qualta went spinning down into the depths.
  8. John is short an item when he gives Harvey his Letterman List -- he only lists nine entries.
  9. When the DRDs bring D'Argo the new translator microbes, he is gentler and actually rational with Pilot. "Let's give it a shot," he says. His conversation with Jool has softened him, and grounded him again in the value of friendships.
  10. Chiana seems very maternal in this episode:
    • "Load the supplies, do what I tell you. Children!"
    • "Move, D'Argo. Let Mommy shoot it."
    • "Kids..."
  11. Favorite nods and inside jokes in the animated sequences:
    • Flying toaster
    • Millenium Falcon
    • MacDonalds arches
    • Space station from "2001"
    • Mir space station*
    • "Ozme" brand name (a nod to both Acme and Australia at the same time)
    • Ozme Rocket Surfer Kit -- complete with actual surfboard
    • Toon D'Argo's polka dot boxers
    • Toon John humming "Ride of the Valkyries" several times, as well as "Farmer in the Dell"
    • Starship Enterprise ("Captain, we hit something with the front of the ship!")
    • Froonium
    • D'Argo baiting a trap with beer and pizza

      * according to Vadim Fuks (02 Sept 2001, alt.tv.farscape), the Russian spoken as Mir hit D'Argo was "Hey, chto proiskhodit? Pojdu posmotrjy...", and translates as "Hey, what's going on? Gotta have a look...".

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Note from jayembee, 23 Feb 2002:

You know how synchronicity has a way of biting you in the ass?

Various things cut into my time, and delayed my getting this set of S3 episodes annotated. I finally finished compiling them yesterday, and got them ready to post today. On the way into work this morning, I found out that the great animator Chuck Jones died.

It seems appropriate (and synchronous) that one of the episodes annoted herein is "Revenging Angel", which is a tribute to Jones's legacy -- most notably the Road Runner & Coyote cartoons.

And so this set of annotations is dedicated with love and admiration for the estimable Mr. Jones. Hey, Chuck, don't forget to take that left turn at Albuquerque.

The title is a play of the term "Avenging Angel". Also known as the Angels of Destruction, the Avenging Angels were the incarnation of God's wrath. Perhaps the best-known example are the (unnamed) Avenging Angels who destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gommorah in the Old Testament Book of Genesis, Chapter 19.

John: "Go away, and let me do what I gotta do."
Harvey: "Oh, what? Find a reason to live?"
John: "I got plenty of reasons."
Harvey: "Then give me...the Letterman List."
John: "Earth, Dad, pizza, sex, cold beer, fast cars, sex, Aeryn, love."

A reference to the Top Ten Lists read each night by David Letterman on THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN.

[And yes, John only lists nine items, with one of those being listed twice.]

Harvey: "Ahn...How did you...? Ahh...Grrr...Looney Tunes!"

And now it begins. From this point on, John's mental landscape takes on the form and style of Warner Bros.' famous Looney Tunes, the successor to their equally notable Merrie Melodies series. See also the Unofficial Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Page.

The primary source for the references is the series of toons featuring the Road Runner and Coyote. As described in the annotations for "Throne for a Loss", Wile E. Coyote -- Canis Nervous Rex -- is the self-styled Super Genius, whose overly elaborate plans to catch the Road Runner -- Velocitus Incredibilis -- for dinner always went awry.

Among the gags herein that are parodies of standard RR/C shticks are (1) the "rocket surfer kit", (2) the "wormhole" painted on the side of the mountain, and (3) the cannon -- along with D'Argo -- falling to the canyon floor.

But while Toon-D'Argo's schemes are patterned after Wile E. Coyote's, his temperment is more akin to Yosemite Sam, one of Bugs Bunny's nemeses.

The toonscape in John's mind also had design elements much like that of various alien worlds in the Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoons that featured Marvin the Martian.

Harvey: "This Afterschool Special dissipates our chances of survival, John."
John: "You really want revenge?"
Harvey: "Oh, yes!"
John: "Okay."
[an "Ozme" 1000-ton weight drops on Harvey]

THE ABC AFTERSCHOOL SPECIAL was an occasional (typically once a month) bit of programming that ran on a weekday afternoon on ABC, starting in 1972 and continuing on well into the 90s. They usually had socially relevant topics, intended to be as much educational as entertaining.

CBS had its own version from 1978 on, first called CBS AFTERNOON PLAYHOUSE, and later CBS SCHOOLBREAK.

"Ozme" is a play on "Acme", the mail-order company that provided Wile E. Coyote -- and other Looney Tune characters -- with whatever items he needed for his schemes. Weights (or safes, or anvils) dropping from the sky on top of characters was also a standard shtick in the Looney Tunes.

(And, of course, the "Oz" part of "Ozme" comes from the nickname for Australia.)

[Toon MIR hits D'Argo]
John: "God, I love science fiction." [honk honk]

MIR was the Russian space station, the core module of which was launched in February 1986. After 15 years in orbit, it finally came to a fiery end in Earth's atmosphere on March 23, 2001, crashing into the Pacific Ocean.

The "honk honk" is a reference to the Road Runner's occasional "beep beep".

When Aeryn appears in John's mind in toon form, she changes appearance into (in order):

  1. Jessica Rabbit, wife of the titular character of Disney's WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, based on Gary K. Wolf's novel WHO CENSORED ROGER RABBIT? Toon-Aeryn's line, "I get it: I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way," is a quote by Jessica in the film.

  2. Marilyn Monroe, the Numero Uno Love Goddess. Toon-Aeryn's "Happy Birthday, Mr. Astronaut..." is a parody of Marilyn's singing "Happy Birthday" ["...Mr. President..."] to John F. Kennedy.

  3. Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

    Aeryn/Cleo: "Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?"
    John: "Honey, that's the wrong Shakespeare."

    Aeryn/Cleo was quoting Juliet from Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET, Act II, Scene 2:

    "O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I'll no longer be a Capulet."

    Cleopatra was, however, in a different one of the Bard's tragedies, ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA, hence John's remark.

  4. Dorothy Gale, the girl hero of THE WIZARD OF OZ. "There's no place like home," is the chant, accompanied by tapping her ruby slippers together, that Dorothy uses to return home to Kansas.

  5. Pop star Madonna [Ciccone]. The conical breasts with the tassels is from one of Madonna's more infamous outfits. Toon-Aeryn's "Hey, Johnny, like a virgin?" refers to Madonna's song "Like a Virgin" from the 1984 album of the same title.

  6. One of the babes from BAYWATCH. If it's a specific one, I don't know which. Toon-Aeryn's line, "I...like...rescue you," suggests that these Baywatch Babes are as brainless as they are busty.

    At this point, John says, "Can you do that Sharon Stone thing? Basic Instinct." This is an allusion to the Paul Verhoeven film BASIC INSTINCT, which contains a rather notorious scene in which Sharon Stone's character, being interrogated by police detectives, spreads her legs enough to reveal that she's not wearing underwear.

  7. Nancy Reagan: "Johnny...just say..."
    John: "No!"
    Aeryn/Nancy: "There's a good boy."

    A reference to the former First Lady's anti-drug slogan, "Just say no".

Toon-Aeryn: "Run, Forrest, run!"

This line, as John is chased out of the scene by the appearance of D'Argo, is a reference to Robert Zemeckis's 1994 film, FORREST GUMP. That particular quote is spoken by the young Jenny (Hanna R. Hall).

[The USS Enterprise flies out of the painted wormhole]
Scotty [voiceover]: "Captain, we hit something with the front of the ship."
[ship goes into warp drive]

This shtick is a parody of the times in the Road Runner & Coyote cartoons in which, on the rare occasions that the Coyote doesn't slam into the cliffside when trying to follow the Road Runner into the painted tunnel, gets hit by a train coming out.

The Enterprise, and Scotty, are of course Yet Another Star Trek Reference.

Toon-John: "You'd really shoot me? We could get counselling. I know this guy. Dr. Chuck Jones. Wrote the...Dr. Chuck Jones wrote the book on these situations.

Chuck Jones (1912-2002) is one of the better known of the Looney Tunes directors, having had a hand in the creation of many memorable characters, most especially (in relevance to this episode) the Coyote and Road Runner.

Harvey: "You feel the life ebbing from both of us, John? The creep of cadaverous cold? Achilles, I believe your strength has a weakness."

Achilles, one of the great heroes of the Trojan War was, according to Greek myth, dipped into the River Styx by his mother when he was a baby. This made made him invulnerable to all harm, except that he was held by one of his heels, which left that part of his body still vulnerable. He consequently died from a poison arrow hitting his heel. It's from this myth that the expression "Achilles' heel", meaning weakness, comes.

"Ozme Proto-Nuclear Froonium"

In a roundabout way, this is YASTR, poking fun at that series' frequent use of meaningless technological terms.

The term "froonium" was explained by Farscape writer and producer Richard Manning thusly:

Moderator: <RygeltheFirst> to <Moderator>: For Mr. Manning: "Froonium" has shown up more than once in shows that you write for. Do you hold the exclusive rights??

Ricky: (laughing) I'm amazed you caught THAT.
Ricky: BUT you haven't heard it on Farscape...
Ricky: ...yet.
Ricky: It was something Hans Beimler and I always used as a generic term on Next Gen when discussing technobabble --
Ricky: "okay, the communicators don't work on this planet because of the high froonium level in the rocks..."
Ricky: But I don't think we ever DID get it into a Next Gen ep.
Ricky: So I've been making up for it ever since. [...]
Ricky: John stays clean shaven, of course, using Froonium Shave.
Ricky: (See how useful the word is?)
Ricky: (Better than Spatial Anomaly!)

"Free Beer and Pizza. Astronuts welcome."

One of the Coyote's tricks was to lure the Road Runner into a trap using "Free Bird Seed" as bait. The "Free Beer" is also possibly a reference to the Looney Tune "One Froggy Evening" (also directed by Chuck Jones, and written by RR/C toon writer Michael Maltese), in which a man comes into possession of a singing and dancing amphibian (Michigan J. Frog, currently the "mascot" of the WB network). He can't get anyone to come and see the frog's act, even after offering free admission, but after ammending the sign to say "Free Beer", people come swarming in.

(Note: in these more Politically Correct times, TV airings of this cartoon typically cut the "Free Beer" sequence, so that it looks like it's the free admission that attracts the audience.)

John's tombstone reads:


"Natural Born Loser" is likely a reference (titular only, not in terms of content) to Oliver Stone's 1994 film NATURAL BORN KILLERS.

John: "I don't wanna be like other people. I don't wanna be like you. I don't wanna stoop that low. Kirk wouldn't stoop that low."
Harvey: "That was a television show, John. And he made Priceline commercials. But if you insist...then look to Kirk the way he really was -- savage when he had to be."

Kirk is, of course, Yet Another Star Trek Reference. Harvey's comment refers to a series of commercials that William Shatner did for Priceline.com (though they've since parted ways). From an article in USAToday:

"Shatner had done print and radio ads for Priceline since 1998. But it's 'Shatner Sings,' an over-the-top series of TV spots that started airing in January [2000], that's had the biggest consumer impact. They star Shatner as a leather-jacketed lounge lizard rapping and belting out banal pop tunes from the '60s and '70s."

[D'Argo advances on John, getting his foot stuck in a pail, slipping on a banana peel, getting his other foot stuck in a beartrap, and finally being dropped through a trap door by John, all common Looney Tune gags.]

John: "Enh...what's up, D'Argo?"

Obviously a variation on Bugs Bunny's signature line, "Enh...what's up, Doc?".

John: "On with the show, this is it! No cartoons...no crutches... revenge. I'd like to thank the Academy...(mwuh!)...for this beautiful Oscar...(mwuh!)..."

The first line is from the theme song to various incarnations of THE BUGS BUNNY SHOW, a TV showcase for the Looney Tunes that first aired on ABC in prime time from 1960-1962:

"Overture, curtain, lights.
This is it, the night o' nights.
No more rehearsing and nursing our parts.
We know every part by heart.

"Overture, curtain, lights.
This is it, to hit the heights.
And, oh, what heights we'll hit.
On with the show, this is it."

The bit about thanking the Academy for the Oscar is, I believe, a reference to an acceptance speech by Bugs Bunny when the Looney Tune "Knighty Knight Bugs" won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film for 1958. I haven't been able to find a copy of his speech to confirm it yet.

John: "I appreciate your help, though. That's all, folks."

"That's all, folks!" is, of course, the sign-off phrase spoken by Porky Pig at the end of each Looney Tune.

Translator Microbe Report

Ancient Freedom Text rare Luxan cultural text
Communications array feature of the Luxan ship
Deception shroud feature of the Luxan ship
Diagnostic scanner medical equipment on Moya used to diagnose health issues
Eyes clear feature of the Luxan ship which renders the front of the ship transparent
Hodian trill-bat creatures which live in Leviathans; their effluvium spreads along the inner hull and helps seal microscopic cracks
Inton small measure of length or size: "Your ship crippled every inton of conduit and power application."
Kepnitz idiomatic equivalent of cat: "Pilot says run like a scalded kepnitz."
Krastic unknown: "Is that krastic ship still frelling with us?"
Orican's Prayer Amulet Luxan religious object
Particulization field feature of the Luxan ship
Pressure hatchway component of Moya that can be jettisoned and used as a temporary lifeboat
Skelnick expression of frustration or aggravation: "Oh, skelnick, would just stop talking?!"
Soft core overload self-destruct function which builds slowly, allowing time to defuse it
Sonic accelerator feature of the Luxan ship
Sugnil personal slur, as in "[The bad smell here is] guaranteed by your arrival...sugnil."
Weapons cascade feature of the Luxan ship


"Quit acting like Yosemite Sam!"
- John Crichton

"Is that krastic ship still frelling with us?"
- Jool

"I didn't try and kill him -- he slipped!"
"You're pathetic, you really are...and we're all going to die because of it."
"Ka D'Argo! Your Qualta blade!"
"That was mature."
- D'Argo, Chiana, Pilot

"Hey, Princess --"
"We're gonna die, aren't we?"
"Eventually. You got the mivonks to push the date back?"
- Chiana, Jool

"... what, find a reason to live?"
"I got plenty of reasons."
"Then give me the Letterman list."
"Earth, Dad, pizza, sex, cold beer, fast cars, sex, Aeryn, love."
- Harvey, John Crichton

"This Afterschool Special dissipates our chances of survival, John."
"You really want revenge?"
"Oh yes!"
"Okay. ...[weight drops on Harvey]... Revenge. But only for you."
- Toon Harvey, John Crichton

"You're dying."
"Yeah, yeah, D'Argo tried to kill me..."
- Pilot, John Crichton

"Is he an enemy you wish to harm?"
"Ah, man, I don't even know why we're fighting."
- Pilot, John Crichton

"You're very wise."
"I don't get out much, so I read."
- John Crichton, Pilot

"God, I love Science Fiction!"
- Toon Crichton (looking at the SciFi logo in corner of the screen)

- Toon Crichton

"Load the supplies, do what I tell you. Children!"
"Nothing works. I've failed."
"Move, D'Argo. Let Mommy shoot it."
- Chiana, D'Argo

"What'd you say?"
"Just something Luxan. My grandfather used to say it all the time."
- Chiana, D'Argo

"I am not ancient Luxan. I do not speak ancient Luxan, and I do not read ancient Luxan, because I am not ancient Luxan!"
"And not likely to become one, either."
- D'Argo, Chiana

"What kind of civilization doesn't pass on its culture?"
"They're warriors. Most of them didn't learn to read or write until 300 cycles ago."
"That's ridiculous. It's savage. I'll wager there are no artists or chefs there, either."
- Jool, Chiana

"You...need to die horribly."
"Oh, like you never screw up!"
- Chiana, Jool

"Isn't she great?"
"Yeah, I'm thrilled with our relationship."
"Well...D'Argo and I aren't getting along so good these days, either."
"Yeah! He put you in a coma!"
"I gotta figure out what to do about that."
- John Crichton, Jool

"Be honest. Talk to him. Work out the problem. Conflict's for barbarians."
- Jool

"Are you going to kill me?"
"I've already hurt Crichton today. That's enough."
- Jool, D'Argo

"I know, that I can be...difficult. That no one wants to spend time with me. You're someone who...I like...and I know, that since the problems with your son and Chiana, that you've preferred to be alone. In here. I just thought, if this is so important to you, then maybe, maybe if I learn a little about it, we might have something to talk about."
"Oh. ...Thanks for making the effort."
- Jool, D'Argo

"I, uh...I miss you."
"Obviously. Where are my clothes?"
"On Talyn. You and that other guy, the other me, you're not, uh..."
"Hmm, don't do it to yourself, John."
- John Crichton, Toon Aeryn

"I get it. I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way. Oh, please! At least use some imagination!"
- Toon Aeryn (as Jessica Rabbit)

"Happy birthday, Mr. Astronaut..."
- Toon Aeryn (as Marilyn Monroe)

"Romeo, Romeo, wherefor art thou Romeo?"
"Honey, that's the wrong Shakespeare."
- Toon Aeryn (as Cleopatra), John Crichton

"There's no place like home..."
- Toon Aeryn (as Dorothy)

"Hey, Johnny! Like a virgin?"
- Toon Aeryn (as Madonna)

"I'd, like, rescue you!"
- Toon Aeryn (as Baywatch bimbo)

"Can you do that Sharon Stone thing? Basic Instinct?"
"Johnny, just say--"
- John Crichton, Toon Aeryn (as Nancy Reagan)

"D'Argo, could you just leave young Johnny alone, please?"
"Um... No."
"Run, Forrest, run!"
- Toon Aeryn, D'Argo

"Dr. Chuck Jones wrote the book on these situations."
- Toon Crichton

"Do you feel the life ebbing from both of us, John? The creep of cadaverous cold? Achilles, I believe your strength has a weakness. Your stubborness has served you well in the past, but now it is killing you, John. These cartoons are a crutch, attempting to shield yourself instead of doing what is called for: revenge."
- Harvey

"Ugh. Why do I get the cellar and you guys get the catwalk? This place smells horrible."
"Guaranteed by your arrival...sugnil."
- Jool, Chiana

"Any luck?"
"Just crap. And dren. Hey, Princess, watch out."
"Watch out for what?"
"Chunks of metal. Don't get hit."
"There's no metal down here. There's just muck. Do you have muck?"
"Oh, yeah, up to my crotch in it."
"Chiana, Jool, watch out!"
"For what?!? [screams] You little slut..."
"No, no, it wasn't Chiana, it was me."
"Then how did she know?"
"I dunno. Just made sense."
- Jool, Chiana, D'Argo

"No revenge, no talking, no running. C'mon baby, you're the sultana of survival. What's left?"
"Be smarter. They always make it more complicated than what they need to. Use it against 'em. Screw 'em at their own game."
"That's good!"
- John Crichton, Chiana

"Yes, Joolushko?"
"Are there...other things...living in Moya...with us?"
"A panoply of harmless parasites, many serving symbiotic functions. Perhaps you're hearing the Hodian trill-bat swarm."
"Do these Hodian bat things...leave droppings?"
"Extensively. Their effluvium spreads along Moya's inner hull and helps seal microscopic cracks."
"Bat dren!"
"You're walking through it."
- Jool, Pilot, Chiana

"You gotta admit it, my wormhole looks a lot better than yours."
"You...did not...paint...a wormhole!"
"You forgot to make yours swirl. Buh-bye! Well, this little spaceman's goin' home. Lock up the women, and hide the fried chicken!"
- Toon John, Toon D'Argo

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our final respects and to say farewell to our dear friend, Cmdr. John Crichton, a schmuck. Mule-headed, reckless, and probably brain-dead before I met him. Alas, his death...is mine, also."
- Harvey

"Even I don't know if it's too late. We could already be gone."
"I love Aeryn. That should be enough."
- Harvey, John Crichton

"Marty Goldstein stole my bike when I was seven. I went over to his house and I gave him a bloody nose."
"Powerful emotion, revenge."
"I could've just taken the bike back."
"Yes, but can you just take your life back, John?"
"I don't want to be like other people. I don't want to be like you. I don't want to stoop that low. Kirk wouldn't stoop that low."
"That was a television show, John. And he made Priceline commercials. But if you insist, then look to Kirk the way he really was: savage when he had to be."
"He's a fiction, Harv. I know the difference. I'm real. I have to live with what I do."
- John Crichton, Harvey

"No cartoons, John...you can take him."
- Harvey

"Eh, what's up, D'Argo?"
"I'll tell you what's up. I'm going to kill you."
"I don't think so." [pulls lever]
- John Crichton, D'Argo

"This is kind of like the sound you hear before you die."
"Or after."
- Chiana, D'Argo

"Okay, you frellnick, it's your turn to die."

"On with the show, this is it! No cartoons, no crutch: revenge. I'd like to thank the Academy for this beautiful Oscar. Mmmmmm-muh!"
- John Crichton

"Sorry, Harv, no joy. I gave it a shot. You could've been right. You were wrong."
"I don't understand."
"Of course you don't understand. You live in the country, but you do not speak the language. Just don't, don't touch anything in here. You're clueless."
"No, John. Revenge!"
"For you, it's a way of life. For me it's not the answer."
"Then we're dead."
"Don't ever distract me from what I really feel. Harv...I...love...Aeryn. I appreciate your help, though. That's all, folks."
- John Crichton, Harvey

"I am Ka D'Argo. Son of Laytun. Grandson of Reksa. And I am the great-grandson of Ka D'Argo Treytal."
"Power systems at your command, Ka D'Argo. Telemetry functions at your command. Deception shroud at your command. Sonic accelerator at your command. Particulization field at your command. Weapons cascade at your command. Communications array at your command. Eyes clear."
- D'Argo, Luxan Ship

"Hey, guys? The lights are all out. Maybe we should call someone?"
- John Crichton

"This stuff will not come off."
"Lucky for you it doesn't smell."
"It smells terrible."
"Right. I mean, lucky for me, we don't share quarters."
- Jool, Chiana

"D'Argo and I have already sorted all that. I'm going to take the first ride on his ship when he figures it all out."
- Jool, Chiana

"Somehow, saying I'm sorry seems so inadequate."
"Ahh, we'll get through it."
"I've so much rage inside. So many things... Sometimes, I... I just need to control it better."
"Well, now would be a good time to learn. You got a baby ship to feed."
"It's a curse, John. A warrior heritage, my instincts..."
"Just gotta know when to control it, bro."
"We have a code. Aggression against an ally entitles retribution."
"D'Argo, look at me. There's nothing that would ever make me take revenge on you."
- D'Argo, John Crichton

Comments from Cast & Crew

Farscape Wrap Day Extravaganza, July 26, 2001

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