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Chat: David Kemper & Ben Browder

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Chat: David Kemper & Ben Browder

Subject(s): David Kemper, Farscape Writer/Producer
(with Ben Browder, Farscape Actor/Writer)
Dated: September 23, 1999
Source: SciFi.com


Moderator: farscape fans...here is david kemper.
Moderator: david...do you have a few opening words for the crowd before we astart?

DavidKemper: Hi, guys. Greetings from the center of Season 2.

Moderator: okay...question #1
Moderator: <Cush> to <Moderator> Did you have the story arc pre-planned to last a few seasons? Or are you going season by season

DavidKemper: Rock began the series with a rough idea of where we were going, but that ran out during episode #4, so we're now making it up as we go along. :)

Moderator: <truthseekr> to <Moderator> As Executive Producer, Writer, and Creative force behind Farscape--which role do you enjoy the most and why?

DavidKemper: The sesame ones.

* Moderator grins *

DavidKemper: Seriously, I began my career as a writer, and creating scenes and characters is still my first love, but I have grown to thouroughly enjoy the craft of producing.

Moderator: <scifigrrl> to <Moderator> Was Jim Henson Productions involved from the initial concept of FS?

DavidKemper: Brian himself approached Rockne in 1993 to create this series, so the answer is yes.

Moderator: <davron> to <Moderator> Is there really a John and Aeryn thing going on?<davron>

DavidKemper: John and Aeryn represent two real people (one Sebacean, albeit), and their relationship is complex and multilayered.
DavidKemper: Whether or not that actually become an "item," or get "married," or have children is something that evolves slowly, as it does in most bars.

Moderator: <Zephyr> to <Moderator> Yes, Mr. Kemper can tell us if John and Aeryn will be getting a little more personal or will Chiana still Aeryn's thunder? Also, could you give us an idea of what's in store for next session? Thank You.

DavidKemper: Next season is still top secret, but I'll tip the glass a little...
DavidKemper: Chiana is a very intense, sexual person. That will not change - it will grow. However, you may surprised where it leads us.

Moderator: <GrandLady> to <Moderator> What prompted you to add Chiana?
* Moderator adding a little... *
Moderator: <ScaperZen> to <Moderator> I have heard that the character of Chiana was based on Prissy from "Blade Runner" Is this true and is she truly here to stay? Please say yes!
Moderator: (they're kinda the same)

DavidKemper: Star Trek and other series have set venues, with stable environments (for the most part) and cast, however, we are a moving ship of disparate prisoners traveling through
DavidKemper: what amounts to the badlands. We have always felt that people would come and go, seeking refuge with us, helping us, battling us. It only seemed natural
DavidKemper: that one of the people -- also a prisoner -- would stick around for awhile.

Moderator: does that mean that there will be lots of "transients"?

DavidKemper: And to answer the second question, Chiana is with us.
DavidKemper: Yes. Characters we meet now will certainly reappear later.

Moderator: :)
Moderator: <elhaym> to <Moderator> Is there is a particular episode that has been challenging to made?

DavidKemper: The episodes are all challenging. That's not a flip answer, but the reality. What's truly difficult are indiviual moments.
DavidKemper: One of our directors, or the people who design our sets and creatures and costumes and makeup and special effects will come up with a cool idea, that
DavidKemper: will cause us all to work overtime to make it come to life on the screen. That's the most challenging, but also the most satisfying.

Moderator: <Persona> to <Moderator> What exactly do you do on the show in the capacity of executive producer?
Moderator: i've been sort of wondering what that "role" is myself...

DavidKemper: Executive Producers sit atop the pyramid creatively for a series, coming up with and approving scripts, as well as the look and feel of the show.
DavidKemper: That job has been graciously shared with me during the first season by Rock, the creator of the series.

Moderator: <wwwolf> to <Moderator> Where could I get detailed credits for the musical score from the episodes? Also, is anyone planning a soundtrack?

DavidKemper: There are really no additional credits for the music other than the ladies and gentlemen credited on screen. As for a soundtrack, that could definately be
DavidKemper: coming farther down the track. All product tie-ins hinge on the success of the series -- of which you people are a great part.

Moderator: <Megatronnoj> to <Moderator> Are there any plans to make Farscape action figures?
Moderator: <ScaperZen> to <Moderator> When will merchandise start becoming available?

DavidKemper: Those questions should all be directed to the Henson Company, although Rockne -- who's just wandered into the rom -- tells me the toy deal's been made
DavidKemper: and scheduled to appear on shelves in 2000 -- Y2K permitting.

Moderator: Mr. Rockne...do you wanna talk too?
Moderator: (send me /msg if you want to :)
Moderator: anyway...

DavidKemper: Just stopped in to say hi. Heading out to finish writing episode One of next season... literally.

Moderator: ah. okay. we shall move on then.
Moderator: <LanceLot> to <Moderator> will there be any episodes that the storyline will focus on Dargo???
Moderator: (For those of you just joining us...we're chatting with David Kemper: the executive producer of the wonderful new scifi show *Farscape*....)

DavidKemper: D'Argo features hugely in the coming season.

Moderator: <PhantomComputer> to <Moderator> Were there any story ideas that were rejected?

DavidKemper: Thousands. Most of them mine.

Moderator: heh. :)
Moderator: <scottdee> to <Moderator> has john really won aeryn and dargo's respect?

DavidKemper: I think that Episode #22 will answer that question for you -- without a doubt.

Moderator: <Ricks8> to <Moderator> Dave, out of all the episodes you've written, which one do you think came out the best?

DavidKemper: I'm really partial to #17 -- Through the Looking Glass -- at this point. Ian Watson, the director, Ben, and everyone associated with it just made magic.
DavidKemper: Kudos to Craig Barden, our D.P. for working magic!

Moderator: <Zephyr> to <Moderator> Do you see the possibility of maybe a FarScape Movie?

DavidKemper: We always hope, but if you use X-Files as a template, it takes a few seasons to develop a broad-based audience to support the millions it would take to produce.

Moderator: makes sense. it's a little early but people are curious.
Moderator: anxious, more like. :)
Moderator: <scifigrrl> to <Moderator> Is the season ending episode a cliffhanger?

DavidKemper: Yesyesyesyesyes and yes....... I'm pretty sure.

Moderator: :)
Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator> David: was the Aeryn in A Human Reaction always the REAL Aeryn?

DavidKemper: Completely. When John disappeared, she went looking to see what happened and got sucked into the manufactured wormhole.

Moderator: <Weaver> to <Moderator> Zhaan was much more interesting with her spirituality, when will she get it back?

DavidKemper: Zhaan was not, and is not, just about spirituality. She is complex and multi-faceted. The spirituality is just the first thing we noticed, and the faced she put
DavidKemper: on for company. As we get to know all the characters, more of their "warts" will become evident.
DavidKemper: And to answer the last part, Zhaan will grow closer to her Pa'uian roots soon.

Moderator: <Larry> to <Moderator> Do you have plans to develop Moya as a character?

DavidKemper: Moya is tough because she can't speak to us directly, however, we will learn a great deal more about her as we progress. Having a baby will do that to you.

Moderator: <AerynFan> to <Moderator> Will Moya Jr. be born before season's end?

DavidKemper: Yes, although it won't be a junior, and it'll be something we're confident will surprise you.

Moderator: <GrandLady> to <Moderator> Will there be some really new 'bad' guys in the next season?

DavidKemper: Yes, and also, some really bad new guys.

Moderator: <truthseekr> to <Moderator> Is the virus in "A Bug's Life" really dead?

DavidKemper: That one is, but he/it/she was part of a "species," of which there are more.

Moderator: <Hyperspace> to <Moderator> will we see any of the crew of the moya find home?

DavidKemper: Now you're starting to think long-term. We have scenarios whereby some of our people achieve their desires, however, the multitude of
DavidKemper: obstacles in their paths keeps preventing gratification.

Moderator: to follow that...
Moderator: <Scapefan> to <Moderator> Will we get to see the homeworld of the Sebaceans, Luxons, Hynerians, etc.

DavidKemper: If I were to write the words, "Ext. Hynerian - Day," followed by "The throng of jubilent Hynerians surges forward to greet their returning Dominar,"
DavidKemper: Brian and the other people responsible for the $$$$$ would dren. Rygel costs a lot.

Moderator: <ceallaig> to <Moderator> is there any chance we willl get to see the infamous 'blooper reel'?

DavidKemper: Zero.

* Moderator sighs *
Moderator: <AnglimFCPrez> to <Moderator> msg: Is Claudia Black a martial arts student?
Moderator: (Virginia Hey sends love to David.)

DavidKemper: First off, hello to Virginia Hey -- my sweetheart -- who's just joined us. Second -- the blooper reel may actually be seen one day, when the time is reight. Thidr
DavidKemper: or "third" as I would prefer to write -- Claudia trains will several instructors covering a variety of disciplines.

Moderator: <Falcor2000> to <Moderator> Will I ever be able to get a DRD at ToysRUs? They look cool!

DavidKemper: Possibly. Toys are due out sometime in 2000.

Moderator: <Dalequan> to <Moderator> Is there an official farscape fan letter that may answer questions fan have concerning species backgrounds and other concepts

DavidKemper: Not at this time, however, our good fans have a variety of sites that may answer many of your questions, as well as
DavidKemper: newsgroups and the Sci-Fi's B-Board.

Moderator: <Ricks8> to <Moderator> Dave, are you a frequent visitor to the Farscape website and Bboard? And have you checked out some of the fansites out there?

DavidKemper: Increasingly so. I'm interested in what our viewers think.

Moderator: <Myrl> to <Moderator> what do you think of fan fiction?
Moderator: <Dalequan> to <Moderator> do you read any of the fanfiction on those websites lol

DavidKemper: Honestly, no. There are legal considerations, as well as time considerations. Most days, I barely have time to read the things I'm supposed to.

Moderator: <slidecat> to <Moderator> How can we become an extra for FARSCAPE?

DavidKemper: Move to Australia, become an Australian citizen, and the rest is easy.... Sorry. Rules is rules.

Moderator: <scifigrrl> to <Moderator> What was the reason for deciding to shoot in Australia?

DavidKemper: Antarctica was too cold. Africa too hot.
DavidKemper: Seriously, it was partly an economic decision, and to a large part, a creative one, allowing us to tap into a huge reservoir of talent that has rarely
DavidKemper: seen its work appear on U.S. screens.

Moderator: The questions are, of course, still pouring in. Mr. Kemper...how're you doing over there? Still got some steam left or should we wind down?

DavidKemper: Let's go till we're tired.

Moderator: sounds good to me. :)
Moderator: and now...a little levity. <grin>
Moderator: <Dalequan> to <Moderator> Why can't you swallow a dentic?
Moderator: (For those of you just joining us...we're chatting with David Kemper: the executive producer of the wonderful new scifi show *Farscape*....)

DavidKemper: Not so funny, actually. You will learn more about this next season, however, think of a scorpian with a poisonous tail.

Moderator: <Megatronnoj> to <Moderator> Are the hoops in Dargo's collar bones decorative or are they used for restraining purposes?

DavidKemper: They were inserted -- without anesthetic -- by the Peacekeepers after he was captured. Arm restraints weren't enough. And watch that tongue!

Moderator: <nolram> to <Moderator> Who do you think will win a fight, Ben Browder or John Cricthon? C'mon you can tell us.

DavidKemper: Ben Browder will kick John Crichton's ass any day, any time. The man is tough.

Moderator: <Falcor2000> to <Moderator> Has Anthony ever, while in character, actually broken a DRD?

DavidKemper: I have no doubt that he has fractured a few of the little ones.

Moderator: okay...back on track a little...
Moderator: <terr> to <Moderator> Will Gilina (PK Girl) ever reappear?

DavidKemper: Keep watching. ;)

Moderator: <Kieriahn> to <Moderator> Which is the first priority when writing episodes -- whether they're technically feasible, or emphasis on the plot?

DavidKemper: Hi Kieriahn, I recognize your handle from the BB and San Diego. First and foremost is the story. Then, we go through round after round of
DavidKemper: refinement to bring the show in somewhere in the vicinity of the budget.
DavidKemper: Uh-oh, now Brian is going to come and find me. :)

Moderator: <LilPooSis> to <Moderator> David, When you wrote as a kid, what did you like to write about? How about now?

DavidKemper: Science fiction was my first love, as it allowed my mind to drift wherever it wanted, creating whatever seemed right.

Moderator: <truthseekr> to <Moderator> We know from prior chats that Ben likes to surf, Claudia likes Lucky Charms, Anthony likes to trash hotel rooms....what do you like to do--aside from Farscape?

DavidKemper: Personal personal personal... However, I will reveal that I love riding (road bikes), scuba diving, and traveling.

Moderator: <GrandLady> to <Moderator> Will we find out more about Pilot and his life?

DavidKemper: Ooh, yes. We have a story in the works by Naren Shankar (formerly of The Outer Limits, ST: TNG, etc) where we really find out about Pilot's backstory.

Moderator: <BrownEyedGirl> to <Moderator> do we ever get to see the real Jothee?

DavidKemper: Hopefully. At the moment, the kid has a bit of a swelled head.

Moderator: <OboeCrazy> to <Moderator> David...what is your favorate Scifi book/film?

DavidKemper: How can I pick that? Each day would bring a different answer. At the moment, "A Mote in God's Eye" leaps to mind and makes me smile. Or, I could've
DavidKemper: pandered and said "Alien Nation," because Rock wrote that. But let's stick with the former.

Moderator: <Dalequan> to <Moderator> are we to assume that translator microbes are the native flora and fauna of some of the species they come in contact with or that some time in history planets were seeded with these microbes by an advanced species
* Moderator thinks of the babel fish from hitchhiker's... *

DavidKemper: T-microbes are individual lifeforms, who happen to perform a function that larger lifeforms can take advantage of.

Moderator: <Persona> to <Moderator> Speaking of Hitchhikers and other funny scifi......whose brilliant idea was it to have so many great one liners in Farscape?

DavidKemper: What one liners?

* Moderator giggles *
Moderator: By the way Mr. Kemper...just lemme know when we should wind this down...
Moderator: <DWal> to <Moderator> How much imput do the actors have on the scripts, their characters, plots, etc.?

DavidKemper: we're cool for another 20 minutes or so.
DavidKemper: We have never actually been in the same room with the actors. I'm hoping to meet them someday.

Moderator: wow...that's very surprising to me.
Moderator: i think.

DavidKemper: Remember those "one-liners"?

Moderator: <GrandLady> to <Moderator> Will we ever learn more about Aeryns' childhood years and those that helped form it?

DavidKemper: Definitely. We're all over that one.

Moderator: <nolram> to <Moderator> Will we see any other Luxan Warriors you might challenge D'argo for some sort of Luxan ritual?

DavidKemper: I can reveal that another Luxan will be seen early next year in a script written by Grant McAloon. However, you will hopefully be surprised by
DavidKemper: what you find when you get there.

Moderator: <Multani> to <Moderator> How long can D'argo's toung reach. And what is the force of it

DavidKemper: It reaches as long as it needs to. By force, I'm not sure what you mean.

Moderator: <LadyoftheLake100> to <Moderator> Will we ever see more Delvians close to Zhaan?

DavidKemper: I hope that we will see more of each of our characters' home races.

Moderator: <Ricks8> to <Moderator> Dave, lol, this is turning in to tell me spoilers for next season...but i got one. Will we ever see what Scorvians really look like, and wil the Ilanic and Scorvian war play a part in the show later?

DavidKemper: At the moment, Ilanics and Scorvians are still arguing about the shape of the peace talks table. If and when we get back to them, they will probably still be at war.

Moderator: <Sojushisan> to <Moderator> Are Moya and Pilot unique in the FS universe, being free of PK control, or will we meet other free Pilots and Leviathans?

DavidKemper: Leviathans and their Pilots are naturally free entities. It is only when captured that they are forced to wear the collar and serve against their wills.

Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator> David: will Moyas baby need its own pilot?

DavidKemper: You are so cool, dude. Again, not to be cryptic, but we aim to surprise, and will definitely cover that subject very soon. Good thinking.

Moderator: <Releven> to <Moderator> Do the Pilots come in different colors?
Moderator: and the leviathans?

DavidKemper: As toys, or the real thing?
DavidKemper: Seriously -- they are a race, as we are, and probably come in a variety of flavors.

Moderator: <RoguePlanet1> to <Moderator> David, what part of the Farscape Universe could you point to and say, without reservation, "I did that"? Characters? Aliens? Situations? Etc....

DavidKemper: We are a collective of the most extraordinarily creative people I have ever been involved with. Ideas most often start with the writers, but nearly always
DavidKemper: blossom into something magical through the efforts of many people. I am proud of my involvement, and am loathe to take any specific credit, because that
DavidKemper: could seem to negate the input of so many others.

Moderator: <Nucidda> to <Moderator> Are the episodes filmed sequentially or are scenes from several episodes that use the same specialfx filmed together?

DavidKemper: Sequetially.
DavidKemper: Spelled correctly, of course.

Moderator: <agentgonzo-dw-m> to <Moderator> For April Fool's, you write a fake joke script to freak out the actors with what you're having them do...what kind of "fun" would you have with them? <evil grin>

DavidKemper: Oh, boy, now you're probing my fantasies. However, I don't think we should go there.

Moderator: Mr. Kemper...how're you doing over there?
Moderator: This is some nice O-T!

DavidKemper: Good. How're are you?

Moderator: i'm okay. and i've got plenty of questions. :)

DavidKemper: Keep rolling.

Moderator: <Zy> to <Moderator> Mr.Kemper..if you read the BB...you know that more than a few of us are completely nuts! Would you ever be tempted to post anonymously to see what kind of a reaction you would get?

DavidKemper: "Hey, guys -- I just heard from someone who knew a girl you used to date a grip that knew someone who once watched this show, and he said that D'Argo was going to give birth to twins.

Moderator: bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaa!!!
Moderator: <nolram> to <Moderator> Does the theme music ever get stuck in your head like it does mine everynight i go to sleep? I love it!!!

DavidKemper: Lean one ear against the pillow and bang your head up and down several times. The theme will be replaced by a gentle ringing, and you should be able to fall asleep.

* Moderator giggles *
Moderator: <Megatronnoj> to <Moderator> When Zhaan holds her breath what color does she turn to?
* Moderator just couldn't resist *

DavidKemper: That's actually a great riddle. I'm guessing "white," since that's the color of the substance running through her veins.

Moderator: makes sense.
Moderator: <BlackTee> to <Moderator> David... Is it true season two will culiminate in a "CAGE" match between Rygel and Yoda?

DavidKemper: Okay, folks -- we've just been joined by Ben Browder -- the real thing. Last Sunday, he and his family, along with Rock and his family, were over my house
DavidKemper: for a BBQ. What am I bid for pictures of Ben in a bathing suit?

BlackTee: LOL

Moderator: Greetings, professor Chrichton.

BlackTee: how about the one of DAvid and Rock skinny dipping
BlackTee: ?

Moderator: <smushybutt> to <Moderator> I'll bid a $100
* Moderator grins *
Moderator: <cathyfb> to <Moderator> Any Farscape books due out?

DavidKemper: As a matter of fact, the book deal is currently in the works. Hang tough.

Moderator: Geez...now everyone's bidding and no one's asking questions...

DavidKemper: Ben -- you paint very ugly pictures. :)

Moderator: ah!
Moderator: <Cherry2000> to <Moderator> Who in the cast does their own stunts?

DavidKemper: They all do their own stunts to a degree. When the situation becomes dangerous, we turn to the pros.

BlackTee: since when?

DavidKemper: Actually, Ben is right. He does a lot of his own work, and has the black-and-blue marks to prove it. They may be visible in the photos.

Moderator: <scifigrrl> to <Moderator> If Ben is accepting questions; what has been the best part of being involved in FS?

BlackTee: working with david of course
* BlackTee is lookin for a raise *

Moderator: again with the photos...
Moderator: <MegL> to <Moderator> On the subject of starwars, has there been any problems with Lucas Films coming into Australia and tying things up for Episode 2?

DavidKemper: Not to my knowledge.

Moderator: (current bid: 100000)

DavidKemper: As for questions for Ben -- if he's willing to answer, you should fire away. Same goes for Virginia if she's still with us. Jump in, guys.

BlackTee: for the picture of David in the buff right?

Moderator: (presumably)
Moderator: <drummania> to <Moderator> is Zhaan going to be in more romantic scenes?

DavidKemper: You bet. Now guess with who.

BlackTee: David !!!

Moderator: she says "Only with Drumhellor"

BlackTee: Will there be Ducks in that scene is the question

Moderator: message from Virginia: "I hope so, I have plenty of orange sauce waiting to dunk him in"
Moderator: <Cherry2000> to <Moderator> How long from start to finish to complete an episode:

BlackTee: LOL
BlackTee: they're still goin on

DavidKemper: From the first inkling of a story idea until the time you see it on TV, roughly 6 months.

Moderator: <agentgonzo-dw-m> to <Moderator> Both Rhapsody and Bug's climaxed with John's engaging in a type of synthesis/mind merge with someone else - is this a particular interest of yours?

DavidKemper: We view ourselves as a show that explores the inner workings of the mind. Expect more.

BlackTee: Hey David... is it true John does not appear in the opener for season one?

DavidKemper: Moderator, how about 5 or 6 more questions that you think are really interesting, then you get to go home?

BlackTee: And should I be lookin for a new job?

Moderator: hey...i'm good to go. i'm enjoying this.
Moderator: you're the guest...you get to say when it ends.

DavidKemper: Those characters who survive the cliffhanger appear in the first episode.

Moderator: let's see if i can find a few good ones.
Moderator: <OboeCrazy> to <Moderator> David...what's the one plot idea you would LOVE to produce but can't because of time/money/other reasons?

BlackTee: LOL
BlackTee: a remake of "Hair"

DavidKemper: The beauty of this show is, we haven't yet run up against the wall where we can't produce what we want.

Moderator: <MaKeever> to <Moderator> Question for Ben. He delivers the humourous lines with such understated perfection. Did he ever do stand up comedy, or have formal training in comedic roles?

BlackTee: Nope
BlackTee: wish i could say i have

Moderator: <Perri-at-TGUT> to <Moderator> DAvid: So, is Rygel real or what? Seriously, what's it like to write plot and dialogue for, not only human actors, but the nonhuman variety as well?

DavidKemper: Regarding Rygel and Pilot, as well as the other non-humans guests, we view them as flesh-and-blood characters. They are written no differently.
DavidKemper: As a matter of fact, sometimes we start a script thinking we'll cast a live actor, and only later switch -- through the genius of Dave Elsey, his wife Lou
DavidKemper: as well as Colin, Adrian and the others (never forgetting Liz!) to something wilder and more imaginative.

Moderator: <Falcor2000> to <Moderator> Querie for David: When the puppets give their lines, do you hear them, or are their voices just added later?

DavidKemper: The people working the non-humans also provide the rough track for their voices at the same time.

Moderator: <GrandLady> to <Moderator> Ben, how did you end up in Australia and was it hard to work on last weeks' accent?

BlackTee: The trick with last week
BlackTee: was keepin the accent off a bit
BlackTee: when John was doing it
BlackTee: and more on when it was the virus

Moderator: <Rehanna> to <Moderator> For both David and Ben, are you guys working on any non-Farscape shows at the moment or in the near future?
Moderator: (or anything else, for that matter)

DavidKemper: You got any free time, Ben? I'm jammed solid with this show!

BlackTee: David is supposed to be writing a big budget feature for me
BlackTee: how's it goin dave?

DavidKemper: Do the holes in the script go on the right or the left?

Moderator: <RoguePlanet1> to <Moderator> Will we be seeing more of The Virus?

DavidKemper: Again -- a possibility.

BlackTee: Yeah Dave... I wann do more Evil John

Moderator: last question...

BlackTee: Hehehehehehehe

Moderator: <scifigrrl> to <Moderator> Do you know when the shows will begin showing in Australia?

BlackTee: good question

DavidKemper: I'm not sure. A quick call or email to Channel 9 should net you the answer.

BlackTee: Dave?

Moderator: Well everyone...it's been fun, but we must let these nice people go home, I think. Or is it back to work? Anyway...
Moderator: I just want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Kemper (and Mr. Browder :) for joining us, and the all the extra time they spent here.
Moderator: And after the chat, don't forget to visit www.scifi.com and look for the "behind the scenes" promo of Farscape!!!
Moderator: any parting comments gentlemen?

DavidKemper: Sci-Fi Channel is running a Farscape Chain Reaction on Sunday. Watch it. Make people who don't watch the show watch it with you.

Moderator: or...i could just open the room up for thanks from the peanut gallery. :)

BlackTee: Hey Dave... come home to Oz soon

DavidKemper: Be there next week, Ben!

BlackTee: Thanks for lettin me crash the party

Moderator: Bye david.. from virg

DavidKemper: Thanks to everyone for joing us -- I look forward to doing this again in the near future. Special thanks to the moderator and everyone at Sci-Fi and Henson!
DavidKemper: Love you, Virg!!!!

Moderator: and now...

BlackTee: Thanks for watchin guys

Moderator: the viewing audience gets a voice!

BlackTee: see you all out there