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Chat: Ben Browder

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Chat: Ben Browder

Subject(s): Ben Browder, Farscape Actor/Writer
Dated: July 29, 1999
Source: TV Guide


TV Guide: On the new Sci-Fi Channel series Farscape, actor Ben Browder plays Commander John Crichton, an astronaut who is accidentally hurled across the universe into the midst of an intergalactic conflict. Trapped among alien creatures wielding deadly technology and hunted by a merciless alien race, Crichton is on an epic odyssey more spectacular than anything he has ever imagined. After the chat, be sure to stop by www.SciFi.com for more information about Farscape and the Network's other programs. Welcome Ben, glad you could join us from Australia.

Browder: Hello America and the world. LOL!

dizzydain: So how does it feel being the American poster-child for the Aussie based show? Do you carry that good old USA attitude around the set? It's obviously there in the show.

Browder: No, I just try and fit in down here. The Aussies have something called the Tall Poppy syndrome. If someone rises above the rest of the crowd, they cut them down quickly. A couple of harsh slashes and I learned to blend in.

lightofdawn_2: I love the sense of humor Crichton has and I love watching you portray his character. I'm wondering if you all have as much fun on the set as it seems that you do? Any practical jokes behind the scenes?

Browder: We have a great time on the set. Anthony Simcoe, our resident comedian, keeps us in stitches.

tracicart: As a theatre person, do you find it more difficult, or more exciting to work with a different director each episode?

Browder: The directors on Farscape have been *fantastic*! Each of them bring something new to the show and the set. I don't know where the Aussies grow all these talented guys! But I hope they keep them coming our way!

baby789_99: I was just curious as to what your favorite episode is and why?

Browder: My favorite episodes come in batches...of the first third of the season Back and Back and Back to the Future. Of the middle third...DNA Mad Scientist. Of the latter third... A Human Reaction and Nerve.

dizzydain: Claudia expressed her "excitement" about the kissing scene in The Flax. I don't mean to be inappropriate but was that at all a mutual feeling?

Browder: As scripted in The Flax it was one tender kiss. Claudia and I got carried away.

starryskye26: What other roles have you had? Were you in a Party of Five episode on Fox?

Browder: Yes, I was on Party Of Five playing Neve Campbell's boyfriend. Tough job, very, very tough job.

wikkdsmile: I am an up and coming actress and my great inspiration is Helen Hunt. Who, if anyone, inspired you to act?

Browder: I love Helen Hunt.

vortex127: Where did you get your beautiful eyes? Your mom, dad, Belks, Dillards, Walmart, an alien?

Browder: LOL! I got my eyes on sale at the 7-11! Slurpie color. Both my mom and dad have blue eyes.

claremont2001: Do you do your own makeup? How about "der brows"?

Browder: No, I don't do my own makeup. Lynnie, Peta and Jen are responsible for making me palettable.

vortex127: Thank you for making me laugh. You do a great chicken call! Are you good at imitating other animal sounds and noises?

Browder: A chicken is my one animal noise, much to my neighbors dismay.

_724_: I love you in Farscape. Always wondered though, Are you ticklish and where? Thanks, your biggest fan, Barb.

Browder: Yes Barb, I am ticklish, but I'm not telling where! LOL!

dizzydain: Is there any chance you might be doing any late night US talk shows during your break?

Browder: Not as yet. We'd all love to do some. Harass, harass, harass Henson Prods. and SciFi.

Liindaa: I was just wondering what is it like not to able to go out in public without being noticed?

Browder: LOL! The show is not on in Australia. No one knows me, no one cares, which is just fine. It's scary to contemplate walking down the street and being called John Crichton, that name is usually followed by a punch.

Fiorae: What do you think of the fans with whom you have had interactions?

Browder: The online community is just fantastic! They are the ones who I have interacted with. This show is very lucky to have such a solid, intelligent and compassionate fan base. LOL! Love you guys!

ChaoticDreamer1: What would you say is the most complicated aspect of John's character? And how do you go about exploring it?

Browder: John's most difficult problem is adapting to this alien world. And as an actor, when you get comfortable you have to be careful to keep in mind that his world is even stranger than my world. Not that Australia is strange. LOL!

butterflykisses_babygirl: How's the weather down under?

Browder: Wintertime and the water is warmer than the air, the surf is clean and I can't wait to get back in it this afternoon.

Gisele8: What will you be doing on your hiatus?

Browder: I'll be finishing up post, doing sound sych, visiting family and friends in the states and SURFING!

sk8ter103: Besides yourself, who is your favorite character?

Browder: I'm not a character but I love Rygel and all his six operators. There is just more to love.

tracicart: Are you able to talk about some of the changes we may see with Rygel next season?

Browder: Next season Rygel will at some point be puppeteered using the same season that Pilot uses this year. So Johnny Eccleston who has done such a *FABULOUS* job will be going back to England and the rest of the crew will be taking over fighting over his bits and pieces.

ChaoticDreamer1: Is there any part of John's personality or past that you would like the writers to go into?

Browder: No, I trust that the writers will continue to come up with far more interesting things about John than I have thought of. I get money for saying that.

kitsah: First, thanks for the wonderful job you do. If you had a choice, what would you like to see Crichton do? *grin*

Browder: Thank you Kitsah. I'm thinking Crichton becomes more like Kirk? Big smile.

starryskye26: How long does it take to film an episode?

Browder: It takes us, in the past season, about two weeks plus and infinite amount of hours in post. Kudos for the CGI guys for doing such a fantastic job and all the people in editing and sound. I can't wait to hear the show in 6-track digitalTHX.

scifi_chic9: In episode 13 (The Flax) we heard a lot of your southern accent, and it really gave a good edge to your one-liners and metaphors. Will we get to hear more of it in future episodes?

Browder: Ahhh, the writers did that to me. A decade of trying to lose the accent and they haul it back out for all the world to see. I love my native accent but I don't see Crichton as carrying too heavy a Southern Accent. I reckon it'll come out sometimes... y'all.

ChaoticDreamer1: What was your favorite stage role? How do you compare stage work with doing a series?

Browder: My favorite that I have played was Leontes in A Winters Tale. Hell, almost any role in Shakespeare is a favorite. Stage and television are two completely different beasts in execution but the preparation and the work is essentially the same. Anyone casting a play out there?

rusty_98_98: What is the difference between Party Of Five and Farscape in difficulty of the scripts and learning your parts?

Browder: Farscape has added elements which challenge the actor, the puppets, the CGI, the creatures, the whacked out story lines, fights. Party of Five requires an essential eye on naturalism. Both have their challenges and both are fun. Great gigs, both of them.

DrummerBoy485: What is it like working with Jim Henson's "Muppets"? Do they sort of seem real at times? P.S. Can I replace you for an episode?

Browder: Not Muppets, Puppets. The puppeteers get very touchy about that. And yes they do seem awfully real at times. That is a credit to the Henson Company, the Creature Shop and our puppeteers. And no, you can't replace me drummer boy.

claremont2001: Do you prefer your Seagrams straight or on the rocks?

Browder: I don't drink... much.

sreutzel: Where is your favorite place to visit?

Browder: Home, North Carolina. (God's country) Go Heels! Hi Mom!

Nick_Leas_Girl17: Are there any actors that you especially admire?

Browder: Other than the Farscape cast...Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Spencer Tracy, Humphry Boghart, Jack Nicholson, Harrison Ford. The list goes on and that's only the guys.

starryskye26: What is in store for your character in the future?

Browder: I don't know. They don't tell me anything on this show. If I did know and told, they would come and kill me. LOL!

rusty_98_98: Can you give us a lil bitty hint as to who the new character will be? Or at least how soon it will be here?

Browder: And the answer here is... No! But very soon.

elfoz_83: Are you planning to do any movies?

Browder: Yes, just as soon as I get offered a part. Typical, another actor waiting for a job.

Divine_superfly_kitty_cat: Boxers or briefs?

Browder: Big LOL! Personal preference. Drum roll please... Commando!

Chat_Emcee: Ben, thanks for taking the time to chat with us from Australia tonight. Best of luck with Farscape and please come back and chat with us again.

Browder: I would love to come back sometime. Thanks to everyone who came and asked questions. The Oscar list: David Kemper, Rockne O'Bannon, Verge, Claude, Anth, Johnny, Hot Lips, and all the guys from Moya. Thanks for having me y'all.