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Chat: Gigi Edgley & Richard Manning

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Chat: Gigi Edgley & Richard Manning

Subject(s): Gigi Edgley, Farscape Actor
& Richard Manning, Farscape Writer/Producer
Dated: June 07, 2002
Source: SciFi.com


ChatMod: Gigi and Ricky can you type to the screen?

fweakn: .......allllllooooo all
fweakn: how is all over your side of the world
fweakn: :)

ChatMod: Try again Ricky

FrooniumRicky: ning!

ChatMod: Great!

FrooniumRicky: there we go
FrooniumRicky: howaya, Gig?

fweakn: hey guys
fweakn: :)

ChatMod: Hi everyone, thanks for joining us here. I'm Ben Trumble for SCIFI. Tonight we're delighted to welcome actress Gigi Edgley, Chiana on SCIFI's incredibly popular series FARSCAPE, now beginning its 4th season. What can we say about Chiana? She's a thief, a liar, and a drama queen -- and FARSCAPE wouldn't be half as much fun without her. Joining Gigi tonight we're pleased welcome FARSCAPE writer Ricky Manning.

fweakn: very well spank you very much
fweakn: go ricky....go ricky
fweakn: hey guys my little bruva is playing with us today too.......

ChatMod: First Question...
ChatMod: <DaWheels> to <ChatQ>: Was wondering if Gigi got to be any character on farscape current or past other then chiana who would she choose to be and why?

fweakn: ricky....cause sometimes he gets to work from home...teehhee

FrooniumRicky: sure, we can swap for a while

fweakn: Ryg....cause it must be entertaining working with a hand....just teasing
fweakn: would love to play a creature of some sort.....to explore other alien possibilities

ChatMod: <Craig> to <ChatQ>: Gigi, I heard you had a wild time in NY when you were recently here. Something about a naked man and a rope?

fweakn: all though the other day I was speaking to Andrew Prowse about getting me on as a character with barely any make up....
fweakn: he said I would scare the viewers away
fweakn: teehe

ChatMod: <Jhato> to <ChatQ>: My question is this: I was wondering scince you play a "costumed" character on Farscape does this present a challenge to the rest of you acting career? and aswell does it present you with a little more privacy in your normal life, seeing as how many of your fnas wouldn recognise you when your pink :)

fweakn: I think I have been extraordinaraly lucky playing a character with such an awesome get up
fweakn: though sometimes I think chi plays gi more that gi plays gi
fweakn: I think because the make up is so extensive it would be hard to be sterotyped...
fweakn: because I have the blessing of disguise
fweakn: When I work on other productions usually the parts I play are human so it's a big leap from a grey nebari...that plays in the uncharted terra......tories
fweakn: :)

ChatMod: <ILuvGigi> to <ChatQ>: Is it true you are going to lose your psychic powers in Season 4?

fweakn: sorry I'm typing so slow guys...it's early in the morn here...
fweakn: well not that early...

FrooniumRicky: (it's 11 am, you bludger!)

fweakn: IS chiana actually going to be in season four ricky??
fweakn: oops

FrooniumRicky: shhhh

fweakn: and more sorrys for the dodgy spellign guys..teehee

ChatMod: <ChianaGray> to <ChatQ>: Do you and Froon feel that in S4 you get to delve more into Chi, what would you two like to see Chi do more of or the most?

fweakn: wrap earlier...teeheee

FrooniumRicky: grow, yet stay unpredictable

fweakn: I would like to explore chi's deep darker side....

FrooniumRicky: that, and Jello wrestling

fweakn: ohh and i would agree jello wrestling

ChatMod: <scapelover> to <ChatMod>: to Mr.Manning: is there any chance of another one of the classic whacked out Farscape episodes involving a Stargate crossover

FrooniumRicky: what's Stargate?

fweakn: teeheee

FrooniumRicky: I think that'd be a tad difficult on several levels
FrooniumRicky: for one, we shoot on opposite ends of the globe

fweakn: Ricky where is my breakfast in bed you promised.....

ChatMod: Obviously nobody here knows what Stargate is...or they'd be tuned in right now :)

FrooniumRicky: sorry, dear, I burned the eggs
FrooniumRicky: would you settle for cold pizza?

fweakn: Belly rumbling as I tap...

ChatMod: janeo17> to <ChatQ>: What did you order for breakfast and was there something written for Chiana that you were unhappy about her doing ? (Suns and Lovers)

fweakn: Chocolate sara lee cake....
fweakn: a sleep in
fweakn: I had a challenging time in the animation ep...playing "mummy"
fweakn: There is nothing about this show that makes me unhappy
fweakn: though sometimes trying to shoot a feature in one day is a little of a challenge...
fweakn: What else did I order for breakfast...challenges
fweakn: teeheee

FrooniumRicky: You will go far to find someone as cheery as Gigi, let me tell you

fweakn: Farscape ia a blessing to work on...even if they do bribe you with cold pizza very now and again....
fweakn: It's fantastic to play on such a versatile show.....you get to metamorphasize...get raunchy with aliens...do your own stunts....fly through the sky....
fweakn: and all before lunch

ChatMod: <nervoustic> to <ChatMod>: OK, I have a silly technical question: How many microts are in an arn? Or arns in a solar day and so on?

FrooniumRicky: "Not enough"

fweakn: I is an actor you think my spellings bad...maths is hard...teehee
fweakn: ...running to get me calculator
fweakn: 60

ChatMod: <BadByte> to <ChatMod>: question: when will stark be gone for good from the show?

fweakn: never.....never...he's just been hiding out in chi's quarters
fweakn: along with a small minagerie of other entertaining alien life forms

FrooniumRicky: this is Farscape, hence... You Never Know

ChatMod: <Mementh> to <ChatQ>: Do you think Chiannas ability since the energy rider (to see some of the future) will be used more?

fweakn: Now i is feeling a little under pressure...eeeekkk

FrooniumRicky: Oh, just make something up, Gig
FrooniumRicky: or, hey, try this:
FrooniumRicky: "Ask me again in an hour and forty minutes" (more for West Coasters)

ChatMod: <Wyvern998> to <ChatQ>: This one's for Ricky. Where do the ideas for the episodes come from? Are they in anyway relatd to real life experiences? Or are they based on the collaborative minds of all you quirky writers?

FrooniumRicky: Real life experiences?

fweakn: I would love to dapple in that pool more.....

FrooniumRicky: (go for it, Gig)

fweakn: it's been fantastic exploring such a lush gift
fweakn: ...stay tuned

FrooniumRicky: to continue
FrooniumRicky: I was just talking to Pilot the other day, and...
FrooniumRicky: but seriously
FrooniumRicky: I think anything a writer comes up with is to SOME extent based on real life experiences
FrooniumRicky: or at least I would hope it is
FrooniumRicky: "Where ideas come from" is, however, one of life's great mysteries

fweakn: I was researching on how I wanted to play with the visions...it was funny because each director has a slightly different way of shooting the vision sequences.....so it's always interesting to see what it looks like in the final cut....

FrooniumRicky: (altho the short answer is "David Kemper")

fweakn: which I usually see after you guys see it....
fweakn: ricky did you tell these guys about her x ray vision....

ChatMod: <nooneimportant> to <ChatQ>: what's more flattering, being immortalized by becoming an action figure or being appreciated by fans like us?

fweakn: Being able to play with yourself all day long is always fun....
fweakn: teehee
fweakn: Seriously I would not be here if it wasn't for you guys....
fweakn: It's always mindblowing touching base with you guys....because it is a bit like shooting in an abyss at times ...in australia
fweakn: Farscape isn't getting much airplay here...except on fox kids...but all the naughty bits are cut out...
fweakn: chis barely in those eps...
fweakn: can't imagine why....

ChatMod: <MikeW> to <ChatMod>: So what's it like to work with an American (Ben) when the cast is most Aussie/English?

fweakn: What the all american chunk of hunk....
fweakn: oh sorry I thought we were talking about Ricky
fweakn: ...ps can I have that raise now...

FrooniumRicky: am I still American?

fweakn: or at least some cold pizza
fweakn: teeheee
fweakn: it's lush working with ben
fweakn: he deals with his status really well on set....
fweakn: played a very amusing scene with him yesterda....he...oh....can't go there
fweakn: damn

FrooniumRicky: double damn

fweakn: It's nice to see a bit of culture in Australia....

FrooniumRicky: how'd it go? We figured you'd have fun with that one

ChatMod: <QazzaQY2K> to <ChatQ>: Thid Question is for Ricky: Hi, What do u think they new scifi show's will compareand compeate to Farscape's New season?

fweakn: well let's just say...can I do it again
fweakn: ohh that was chi talking

FrooniumRicky: I'm sure you can, Gig, I'm sure you can

fweakn: sorry she unleashes every now and again

FrooniumRicky: hard to say, Qaz, as I haven't seen Anything of the new shows
FrooniumRicky: we in television don't usually Watch much television
FrooniumRicky: I think the more sf there is on the tube, the better
FrooniumRicky: there's room for us all

ChatMod: Chi> to <ChatQ>: Hey Gigi! what made you want to become an actor?

fweakn: Ive just never stopped dressing up and playing make believe
fweakn: Passion

ChatMod: <cumbyguy> to <ChatQ>: This is for both Gigi and Rick....i was wondering what other projects, if any, you were working on?

fweakn: I don't know what we're doing on this blue green world but I figure if you love what u do and work your ass off your gonna get somewhere..
fweakn: :)

FrooniumRicky: other projects?
FrooniumRicky: you gotta be kiddin'

fweakn: is that like sleep....

FrooniumRicky: This is a 26/8 job

fweakn: what's that
fweakn: what's that
fweakn: what's that

FrooniumRicky: like 24/7 but longer

fweakn: scuse the twitch
fweakn: I did a funky theatre sports show last weekend
fweakn: it was cool to play in the theatre again...
fweakn: and it was the same stage that 'lamb' played on....so as soon as I got on the stage i kissed da floor...and rolled around a bit
fweakn: sorry bit of a fan
fweakn: you guys know what it's like
fweakn: teehee

FrooniumRicky: you gwoupie!

fweakn: i try and do lots of little projects...any jopb is a good job...as long as your learning...
fweakn: working on some songs at the moment
fweakn: painting and firetwirling
fweakn: multitasking

ChatMod: <Braca> to <ChatMod>: Ricky...when Stark reappears is he gonna have some mind-blowing, life-changing news for the crew as he usually does?

fweakn: working on speaking to my family and playing with my little bruva more that once ever two years

FrooniumRicky: "when"?
FrooniumRicky: Lots of assumptions there ;)
FrooniumRicky: Our crew gets mind-blowing, life-changing news about three times an ep, with or without Stark

fweakn: three times a microt
fweakn: unleash the defense shield
fweakn: I have noticed that are starbursts are alot gentler of late....

FrooniumRicky: I think it's reasonably safe to assume nobody will be bored
FrooniumRicky: And after Chiana loses her -- well, you'll see

ChatMod: <dascape1> to <ChatQ>: Can you tell us whether or not Crais will be returning at any point in the future?

fweakn: though chi likes to get into them whole heartedly...so quite often if you watch closely when we starburst..everyone does a small jolt...and chi's flying through the background...weeee
fweakn: Chi loses...her....three times an arm it seems of late....
fweakn: teehee
fweakn: love my job
fweakn: all in a days work

FrooniumRicky: Of course she can't tell you

fweakn: arn i mean arn

FrooniumRicky: We'd spank her and not give her any cold pizza ever again

ChatMod: <DieHardWithA44> to <ChatQ>: Ricky, is it hard to decide when to kill off a popular character and how.?

fweakn: about what....when crais and i have that small odd looking litter...
fweakn: teehee

FrooniumRicky: Oh, no, that's the easy and fun part of the job

fweakn: did some one say spanking
fweakn: yipeeee....
fweakn: please sir may i have some more

ChatMod: Chi> to <ChatQ>: Gigi, what was your favorite episode in Season 3?

fweakn: teheee
fweakn: Eat me was lush to play on
fweakn: loved the animation ep
fweakn: Bens ep rocked
fweakn: It was wierd only working with half the mob
fweakn: You should of seen us wiht our first scene re alligned....it was like first day of school

ChatMod: <Justen> to <ChatQ>: It appears Gigi and Chiana have alot in common. What were you like growing up Gigi?

fweakn: I is just a damn snazzy actor...
fweakn: There is alot chi and gi don't have in common
fweakn: thank goodness....
fweakn: don't often sleep with my boyfriends son...
fweakn: what boyfriend
fweakn: Don't have nearly as many flings as chi
fweakn: which I think is a godd and perhaps a not so good thang
fweakn: Don't carry my bruva's life chip in me....
fweakn: but do carry his heart as close to mine as possible....
fweakn: not literally
fweakn: teehee...
fweakn: Chi gives me alot of courage...
fweakn: I don't agree with alot of her mannerisms...morally...
fweakn: that's what makes her so much fun to play with
fweakn: who needs therapy
fweakn: :)

ChatMod: Gigi everybody seems to want to know more about your music? What kind of music do you write, and who are your favorite musicians?

fweakn: you can ask my bruva bout that question...he is playing somewhere in this sand box
fweakn: YEs write all my own tunes
fweakn: love BEn HArper...LAmb...Nina Simone...Portishead...MAssive attack...Zap mamma...
fweakn: If music be the food of love play on...

ChatMod: <Wyvern998> to <ChatQ>: This is for GigL How much of a computer geek are you? Now be truthfull... =)

fweakn: Can't you tell by my spelling.....
fweakn: I wish I was more of a pooter geek...
fweakn: one day I might be able to log on without me little bruva guiding me through....
fweakn: teeheee
fweakn: THe nets a great way to get feedback.....I try and log on as much as possible...but it's never enough

ChatMod: Kind of a followup -- When will your website be back up?

fweakn: We are working on it at the moment
fweakn: I've seen a few rough drafts.....
fweakn: by the end of this weekend
fweakn: Me webdesigner is aboiut to log on....
fweakn: pound him....
fweakn: he is known as frak

ChatMod: <TalynMoya> to <ChatMod>: Ricky will you have a musical ep?

FrooniumRicky: me personally? You'd better hope not

fweakn: warming up as i tap

FrooniumRicky: This being Farscape, if we ever do a musical ep, it'd have to be Different
FrooniumRicky: for instance... with no music

fweakn: bring it on....

ChatMod: <dascape1> to <ChatQ>: Ricky, as a media student in scriptwriting and TV production, what advice can you offer me with regards to Sci-fi writing?

FrooniumRicky: I can only offer the late great humorist Max Shulman's advice to all aspiring writers:
FrooniumRicky: "Seek truth and marry money."
FrooniumRicky: Or the same advice to anyone seeking success in any endeavor...
FrooniumRicky: Practice
FrooniumRicky: practice
FrooniumRicky: practice
FrooniumRicky: and perseverance.
FrooniumRicky: Good luck.

ChatMod: Just a reminder, in FIVE MINUTES everybody better be rushing out of here to turn on the television...
ChatMod: <riddley> to <ChatMod>: Ricky, we've seen the promos, we saw Jeremiah Crichton...when will the creature shop learn what a BEARD looks like?

fweakn: ooohhh the suspense........
fweakn: i reckon this ep rocks.....
fweakn: that was his wasn't it??

FrooniumRicky: I reckon that's a question for Ben

ChatMod: <Mementh> to <ChatQ>: This is for gigi, what do you think was the funnyiest/most comical scene you have done on Farscape?

fweakn: I don't know but it felt pretty reeeaalll....mmmm
fweakn: teehee
fweakn: just kidding...
fweakn: sorry chi popped out again

FrooniumRicky: (as she does)

ChatMod: <DieHardWithA44> to <ChatQ>: Gigi how do you ever get a chance to get a career acting on something as amazingly cool as Farscape?? they just have an add said "Casting for sci-fi space show" or what?? because nothing ever comes to good ole South Carolina

fweakn: The love scene with Jothee....Whan they painted my whole body grey and put a modesty patch over me pink bits...theee...modesty patches look a bit like band aids...and halfway through the scene the patch decided to unstick
fweakn: ...yeah...that was pretty funny
fweakn: Hope and prey
fweakn: be true to yourself and only good things can come off it...
fweakn: My ma said I grew up with aliens my whole life so it was boud to happen...
fweakn: she was a bit of a tripper...teehee

ChatMod: Gigi and Ricky, thanks for logging. It's Saturday, you guys shouldn't be working this hard! We're going to open the floor now. And everybody in the east, the midwest, or with satellite TV better be running for the remote control

FrooniumRicky: Enjoy the ep, all
FrooniumRicky: Enjoy the season
FrooniumRicky: Tell your friends
FrooniumRicky: And don't cry too hard when -- well, you'll see

fweakn: It's an amazing blessing..
fweakn: Enjoy the ep guys
fweakn: have a lush night....
fweakn: teehheeeee

ChatMod: I want to thank the audience for your great questions. Good night everybody

fweakn: ricky you promised if i logged on you wouldn't tell them about me getting booted of the show
fweakn: again
fweakn: teehee
fweakn: night all.....

FrooniumRicky: what, you think they'd cry over That?
FrooniumRicky: ;)

fweakn: waiting to play with ya on tier six...hope are worlds collide soon....
fweakn: lol
fweakn: where s me pizzzzaaaaa