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Chat: Gigi Edgley

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Chat: Gigi Edgley

Subject(s): Gigi Edgley, Farscape Actor
Dated: May 22, 2002
Source: SciFi.com


KarlSCIFI: Good afternoon everyone and welcome. KarlSCIFI here for SCIFI.COM. Today we have the honor of chatting with Gigi Edgley who you all know and love as Chiana, the Nebari outcast and thief on SCI FI's Farscape.
KarlSCIFI: Aside from her long-running role as the gray-skinned Nebari alien Chiana, Edgley has been well-known to TV audiences in her native Australia for the role of Erica Watson in the 1998 telefilm docudrama Day Of The Roses and as Penny in an episode of the popular police drama Water Rats. American audiences have seen her on the syndicated action series Beastmaster and The Lost World.
KarlSCIFI: Well, you didn't come here to listen to me jabber. So with out further ado, lets all welcome Gigi Edgley.
KarlSCIFI: Gigi - can you type to the screen?

Gigi-fweakin: Hellooooooo

KarlSCIFI: Nice
KarlSCIFI: Say hello to the fans Gigi.

Gigi-fweakin: Hi guys, how you goin?
Gigi-fweakin: absolute pleasure to be here

KarlSCIFI: Let's Start with a question everyone is wondering
KarlSCIFI: Will Chiana and Dargo ever hook up again?

Gigi-fweakin: there's an edible chemistry there
Gigi-fweakin: with lots of tales untold
Gigi-fweakin: perhaps you should ask the writers this question
Gigi-fweakin: tee hee

KarlSCIFI: what was up with Chiana's new hairstyle? Did Gigi like it and will she keep it for Season 4?

Gigi-fweakin: I requested Chiana to return to her original mannerisms and overall style that was established in Durka Returns
Gigi-fweakin: I think the essence of Chiana revolves around a spunky feral/sexy runaway that's lost in the depths of space
Gigi-fweakin: henceforth, i think that the style we are returning to is the closest we've gotten to Chiana since series 1
Gigi-fweakin: and the shadings of the makeup and the overall image of Chiana in series 4 is additionally closest to the Chiana we saw in series 1
Gigi-fweakin: so I'm totally in love with it

KarlSCIFI: Other Nebari don't seem to have distinct speech and mannerisms like Chiana's . Do you think maybe she's... defective as well as nonconformist?

Gigi-fweakin: i hope so

KarlSCIFI: I would like to ask Gigi...to tell us her favorite story or funny moment on the set :)

Gigi-fweakin: rececntly i was promoting farscape in the UK
Gigi-fweakin: and I very much accidentally missed my flight
Gigi-fweakin: that was pretty funny
Gigi-fweakin: and pretty upsetting for the Farscape production team
Gigi-fweakin: don't worry, i've been paying for it ever since
Gigi-fweakin: waking up at 4am and finishing at 9pm for the past 3 weeks
Gigi-fweakin: i love going to the conventions
Gigi-fweakin: they constantly inspire the fire inmy belly
Gigi-fweakin: and they remind me of what my job is on the show
Gigi-fweakin: and of the amazing support and encouragement that you guys support me with every day, every moment...
Gigi-fweakin: thank you so much
Gigi-fweakin: if words could only describe.

KarlSCIFI: And how close in real life she is to the character Chiana

Gigi-fweakin: Chiana has a lot more courage than me
Gigi-fweakin: she has taught me a lot through the past 3 years
Gigi-fweakin: I wish I had as much character as she
Gigi-fweakin: but perhaps it's healthy I don't

KarlSCIFI: Gigi - so nice for you to come today and talk with us!! Do you see any new romances happening for Chiana anytime soon - or is she keeping her carefree style and doing whatever and with whomever she wants for awhile? ;)

Gigi-fweakin: It seems that Chiana has been pashing and dashing throughout the uncharted territories
Gigi-fweakin: a lot of the time, Gigi finds it hard to keep up with her
Gigi-fweakin: stay tuned...

KarlSCIFI: how will season 4 unfold for your character?

Gigi-fweakin: I hope that I have a chance to dive into Chiana's deep pool of mystery and learning
Gigi-fweakin: I endeavor each moment of each day
Gigi-fweakin: to parallel learnings that I am going through each day throughout Chiana's adventures
Gigi-fweakin: all I can hope for is that I stay true to Chiana's emotional arc throughout series 4
Gigi-fweakin: though, at times it is very tricky because quite constantly, we are shooting 3 episodes at a time whilst doing 2 episodes at a time in ADR

KarlSCIFI: Gigi - here is a non Farscape question...
KarlSCIFI: Gigi - thanks for taking the time. Would you care to tell us anything about the production of "Picnic at Hanging Rock" you were involved in?

Gigi-fweakin: woohoo
Gigi-fweakin: wow, you guys have been researching
Gigi-fweakin: i was playing Sarah Windborn in a stage production
Gigi-fweakin: of Picnic at Hanging Rock
Gigi-fweakin: it was my first audition for the stage
Gigi-fweakin: and i managed to get a beautiful role in the production
Gigi-fweakin: I was also trying to complete my studies in year 10 at the time
Gigi-fweakin: so it was a constant challenge for me to get to rehearsals and performances
Gigi-fweakin: I am totally, madly, deeply in love with the theater
Gigi-fweakin: because in the theater you have to be totally spontaneous and you have to allow yourself to surrender to the audience
Gigi-fweakin: if they are not receiving your performance well, you have to find a way to woo them into your world
Gigi-fweakin: the world of the bigger picture
Gigi-fweakin: I long to do theater productions
Gigi-fweakin: but for now, Farscape
Gigi-fweakin: is entertaining my world completely

KarlSCIFI: Hi Gigi! Are Chiana's premonitions going to get stronger or will she develop other psychic abilities?

Gigi-fweakin: Stay tuned...

KarlSCIFI: This is always nice to know....
KarlSCIFI: What is Gigi's favorite music? :)

Gigi-fweakin: Lamb
Gigi-fweakin: Ben Harper
Gigi-fweakin: Massive Attack
Gigi-fweakin: Portisehead
Gigi-fweakin: Lenny Kravitz
Gigi-fweakin: Annie DiFranco
Gigi-fweakin: Laurie Anderson
Gigi-fweakin: and more...

KarlSCIFI: Do you find it difficult at all keeping your rather... complex.. character while filming? Lots of bloopers at all?

Gigi-fweakin: countless bloopers
Gigi-fweakin: it is quite challenging to keep a consistent character whilst trying to juggle an intensive shooting schedule
Gigi-fweakin: and learning lines
Gigi-fweakin: and washing your clothes for the next day
Gigi-fweakin: and cooking dinner
Gigi-fweakin: and reminding yourself that there is another life out there
Gigi-fweakin: which is always important to remember as an actor
Gigi-fweakin: because you must remain truthful to the life around you to be truthful to your character

KarlSCIFI: You have to wash you own clothes? I would think they would have someone on set for that. You should complain. :-)
KarlSCIFI: Ms. edgley, thank you so much for coming to chat with all of us. I was wondering... if there is a farscape con in NY this year, would you be attending?

Gigi-fweakin: are you kidding??!
Gigi-fweakin: any offers??
Gigi-fweakin: it'd be cheaper to ship it over here and have it done!
Gigi-fweakin: tee hee

KarlSCIFI: Gigi, what is one scene in a past episode that best defines the character of Chiana? and is that your favorite scene?

Gigi-fweakin: if there was an con, I would. if the invitation was there
Gigi-fweakin: Chiana is such a mercurial character that I think it is rather challenging
Gigi-fweakin: to place her description/identity to one scene
Gigi-fweakin: I can tell you some of my favorite episodes
Gigi-fweakin: which are...
Gigi-fweakin: Durka Returns (ep 115)
Gigi-fweakin: Eat Me (ep 306)
Gigi-fweakin: Taking the Stone (ep 204?)
Gigi-fweakin: and the cliffhanger of series 1

KarlSCIFI: Will the Nebari infection come into play soon?

Gigi-fweakin: Speak to David Kemper. I hope so
Gigi-fweakin: or maybe it's a good thing that it won't

KarlSCIFI: Here is another one that shows that your fans love you for more than Chiana...
KarlSCIFI: Gigi, you list "Les Miserables" as one of your theatre credits. Who did you play? It's my favorite musical. *g*

Gigi-fweakin: Madame Thenardie
Gigi-fweakin: It was fantastic to dive into a character that oozed all things that are not so good and not so true
Gigi-fweakin: I also had a fantastic Mssr. Thenardie to play with

KarlSCIFI: Gigi, I hope this makes sense to you...
KarlSCIFI: Wait, never mind, I lost the question

Gigi-fweakin: and? not much

KarlSCIFI: Sorry
KarlSCIFI: Will Gigi and Aeryn be able to develop a REAL friendship in S4?

Gigi-fweakin: Guys, guess what -- I'm in NY and tasted my first NY hotdog!

KarlSCIFI: Nice - what did you think?

Gigi-fweakin: and then we went into Tiffany's and we met this French Prince and he bought us everything that we wanted...

KarlSCIFI: A little scary, no?

Gigi-fweakin: andt then we woke up
Gigi-fweakin: Claudia and I are constantly attempting new and intriguing ways to form an unconditional relationship between Chiana and Aeryn
Gigi-fweakin: It's a constant challenge cuz quite often it doesn't agree with the writing of the show
Gigi-fweakin: the girls will triumph.
Gigi-fweakin: so be it

KarlSCIFI: what have you NOT been able to talk David Kemper & Co. into letting you do on the show?

Gigi-fweakin: the hotdog was LUSH
Gigi-fweakin: perform nude fire twirling
Gigi-fweakin: tee hee
Gigi-fweakin: having a jacuzzi in my trailer and side of set

KarlSCIFI: could you ask Gigi if she is going to of has done any commentaries with the Farscape DVD's?

Gigi-fweakin: no, not as of yet, but I'm waiting to be invited
Gigi-fweakin: I think I'm a bit too cheeky for that professional stuff
Gigi-fweakin: tee hee

KarlSCIFI: It looks fairly simple makeup, but how long does it take to get into it in the morning? :)

Gigi-fweakin: 3 hours every monring
Gigi-fweakin: usually I get up at 4am in the morning
Gigi-fweakin: and every morning when I drive into work I make a wish on a star
Gigi-fweakin: cuz the moon is still shining and the sky is still dark
Gigi-fweakin: and so far, all of them have come true
Gigi-fweakin: thank you for helping me manifest all these beautiful dreams
Gigi-fweakin: usually a day runs anywhere from 8 to 16 hours
Gigi-fweakin: and I melt into bed and prepare for the days to come

KarlSCIFI: how much of gigi is in chiana....and vice versa....??

Gigi-fweakin: it's not shizophrenia, ok? We really are aliens
Gigi-fweakin: tee hee

KarlSCIFI: Gigi -- You, yes you can help a young person with schoolwork...
KarlSCIFI: I got my exam tomorrow, and the topic is happiness. What is happiness for Chiana?

Gigi-fweakin: Constant learning
Gigi-fweakin: To discover
Gigi-fweakin: to unveil the passion within each moment
Gigi-fweakin: to surrender to the moment

KarlSCIFI: For all that the show's hero is ostensibly John Chrichton, do you thik that perhaps Farscape is really more female character driven, what with Chiana, Jool, Aeryn, Zhaan, even Moya herself?

Gigi-fweakin: I wouldn't mind some male driving

KarlSCIFI: any big screen action in Gigi's future?

Gigi-fweakin: tee hee

KarlSCIFI: Oh My Gigi

Gigi-fweakin: ...any offers?


Gigi-fweakin: it's extraordinarily challenging to fit any other productions into my life at present
Gigi-fweakin: (Karl, we were talking about the movie offers...)
Gigi-fweakin: I was shooting my first Australian feature

KarlSCIFI: Ah - OK then. I'm going to go wash my mind out with soap.

Gigi-fweakin: after shooting 4 weeks of night shoots from 4pm to 4am
Gigi-fweakin: I had to pull out of the film because of scheduling conflicts with Farscape
Gigi-fweakin: So, sometimes it's a little upsetting to lose beautiful manifestations
Gigi-fweakin: but there's no way I'd ever give up fluttering around the Uncharted Territories

KarlSCIFI: Hi Gigi! Did you watch Farscape before you got the role of Chiana?

Gigi-fweakin: no, cuz it's not shown in Australia
Gigi-fweakin: I wish

KarlSCIFI: what change to chiana would you want to see the most, is there something you dont like about your character ?

Gigi-fweakin: I really want to dive into the dangerous side of Chiana and dapple in her juices
Gigi-fweakin: tee hee
Gigi-fweakin: I want to surrender to the alien characteristics
Gigi-fweakin: and this amazing opportunity that I've been blessed with
Gigi-fweakin: My only complaint about my character is the challenge it is to maintain her emotional journey
Gigi-fweakin: As scripts are ever-changing, the wrong sets are always being blown up and the sleep is always needed
Gigi-fweakin: although this is all part and parcel of the fabulous world of Farscape

KarlSCIFI: I loved the interplay between Jool & Chiana in Season 3, can we expect that in Season 4?

Gigi-fweakin: I wish....
Gigi-fweakin: stay tuned

KarlSCIFI: Gigi - What does your boyfriend think about some of your racier scenes in Farscape, and how you you keep the "jealousy factor" at bay as an actress?

Gigi-fweakin: FYI, Tammy's working on "All Saints" as a lesbian doctor. I've been helping her extensively with method work. tee hee
Gigi-fweakin: what boyfriend?
Gigi-fweakin: my sole mission over the hiatus was to discover the man of my dreams
Gigi-fweakin: ??
Gigi-fweakin: I've searched Italy
Gigi-fweakin: I've lingered in London
Gigi-fweakin: I've researched New York
Gigi-fweakin: and still
Gigi-fweakin: ...
Gigi-fweakin: there is no one that flutters by my side
Gigi-fweakin: any offers?
Gigi-fweakin: OK guys. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you!

KarlSCIFI: As i've understood, u really don't get much sleep when workin on Farscape. How do you manage to stay up?

Gigi-fweakin: I love the job that I do
Gigi-fweakin: It is my passion
Gigi-fweakin: It is my heart
Gigi-fweakin: it is my soul
Gigi-fweakin: what more do I need to say?
Gigi-fweakin: I am blessed.

KarlSCIFI: Who are your favorite actors and actresses (past and pressent)?

Gigi-fweakin: Harvey Keitel
Gigi-fweakin: Juliette Lewis
Gigi-fweakin: Robert DeNiro
Gigi-fweakin: Sean Penn
Gigi-fweakin: Ben Browder
Gigi-fweakin: Claudia Black
Gigi-fweakin: and Rygel
Gigi-fweakin: tee hee

KarlSCIFI: If you are in NYC you need to visit Juniors for the best Cheesecake in the City.
KarlSCIFI: If you are in NYC you need to visit Juniors in Brooklyn for the best Cheesecake in the City.
KarlSCIFI: sorry for the stutter

Gigi-fweakin: I'm asking my superviser to drag me there as we type

KarlSCIFI: This was the question I meant to ask...
KarlSCIFI: I love your audio play Titantic Dreams...are you working on similar projects in the future?

Gigi-fweakin: I would love to
Gigi-fweakin: bring the offers in

KarlSCIFI: A lot of people have been asking this..
KarlSCIFI: Can you say whether, or not, Chaina's brother will make an appearance in the upcoming season?

Gigi-fweakin: I don't know about her brother, but Chiana's moving to NY
Gigi-fweakin: to hang out with the hotdogs and Tiffany's crew
Gigi-fweakin: tee hee

KarlSCIFI: And it's Fleet Week in NYC right now.
KarlSCIFI: Do you feel that -- if you had discovered Farscape before you got a job working on it -- you wouldÍve been interested enough to watch it just for fun?

Gigi-fweakin: YES. definitely
Gigi-fweakin: it's a Henson show
Gigi-fweakin: I Loooove Henson
Gigi-fweakin: but I still would be asking "Where's Miss Piggy?"
Gigi-fweakin: Guess what else
Gigi-fweakin: Last night I went to the most AMAZING performance of my life
Gigi-fweakin: The SCI FI crew has been looking after me REALLY well
Gigi-fweakin: I went to Union Square and saw this phenomenal show
Gigi-fweakin: and within the 2 hour performance,
Gigi-fweakin: I was suspended with the actors above the audience
Gigi-fweakin: was licked
Gigi-fweakin: and kissed
Gigi-fweakin: and ended up all in all very wet
Gigi-fweakin: from the performance
Gigi-fweakin: from the performance!
Gigi-fweakin: I LOVE New York!!!

KarlSCIFI: Gigi, what are the prospects of a Big Screen Farscape Movie?
KarlSCIFI: lot of people have been asking

Gigi-fweakin: I wish jellyfish
Gigi-fweakin: if you hear anything of it, can you ask them to write me in?
Gigi-fweakin: The show was called De La Guarda
Gigi-fweakin: Guys?
Gigi-fweakin: Guys?
Gigi-fweakin: Once again, didn't mean to scare you off

KarlSCIFI: hi gigi...do you still see yourself playing chiana in a few years time and if not what do you see yourself doing?

Gigi-fweakin: As long as I am happy and learning
Gigi-fweakin: I don't mind where I am
Gigi-fweakin: I would love to do some more features
Gigi-fweakin: I would love to do some more theater
Gigi-fweakin: but wholly and souly, if my heart is in love with whatever lies before it, I'm happy

KarlSCIFI: Any interest in testing the waters in the US after Farscape finishes its run?

Gigi-fweakin: I dunno, I hear you get nauseaus after testing waters in the US
Gigi-fweakin: tee hee
Gigi-fweakin: Yes, of course
Gigi-fweakin: I'd love to dapple in the waters the US, Paris and the UK
Gigi-fweakin: bring it on

KarlSCIFI: How involved are you and the other castmembers in the creative process of the show? For example: If you felt that a script was flawed, in some way, would you feel comfortable speaking up about it?

Gigi-fweakin: we do have a lot of artistic license on set
Gigi-fweakin: as long as it serves the bigger picture
Gigi-fweakin: the story, the greater good of the gods of farscape

KarlSCIFI: I think this is a good question for us to wrap things up with...
KarlSCIFI: Gigi, how do you feel about Farscape fans? Especially after seeing Galaxy Quest? ;)

Gigi-fweakin: Galaxy Quest made me feel warm and tingly
Gigi-fweakin: you guys make me feel wonder full
Gigi-fweakin: thank you so much for blessing my life
Gigi-fweakin: I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for you
Gigi-fweakin: if words could only express
Gigi-fweakin: sending all my fairy kisses
Gigi-fweakin: love ya

KarlSCIFI: Thank you for joing us Gigi. Do you have any last thought before we go?

Gigi-fweakin: love ya love ya
Gigi-fweakin: Chi/Gi
Gigi-fweakin: STAY TUNED
Gigi-fweakin: You rock my world
Gigi-fweakin: LOVE YOU MOSTEST
Gigi-fweakin: Thank you

KarlSCIFI: Thanks Gigi. And thanks to all the 'Scapers who logged on for ths chat.

Gigi-fweakin: Over and out. Til next we play
Gigi-fweakin: til next we meet.