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Chat: Gigi Edgley

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Chat: Gigi Edgley

Subject(s): Gigi Edgley, Farscape Actor
Dated: June 29, 2000
Source: SciFi.com


Moderator: Welcome to tonights chat with Gigi Edgley. We all know her as space vixen 'Chiana' on Fascape.

fweakn-Gi: you guys are scaring me I think I'm gonna have to go hide
fweakn-Gi: mind my speelning

Moderator: Hello Gigi. It's nice to have you here for tonights chat. We have a big room filled with eager fans who want to ask you many, many questions. Let's get started.

fweakn-Gi: blushing...blushing

Moderator: But first, Gigi, do you have any opening words for our on-line chatters tonight?

fweakn-Gi: thakyou so much for coming to play today guys
fweakn-Gi: your support and warm fuzzies is more than overwhelming
fweakn-Gi: lets party
fweakn-Gi: heheheee

Moderator: Ok. Heres the first question.

fweakn-Gi: ookally

Moderator: <Mnementh> to <Moderator>: Gigi , your character has been 'til now , well ill-defined. Where do you see your character going in the new season ?

fweakn-Gi: I answered this one before but i think I was in stealth mode
fweakn-Gi: I really want to become more brave with chiana
fweakn-Gi: I want to spend some time over the holis rediscovering my inner alien
fweakn-Gi: it's not often you get a chance to play a character that has few limitations
fweakn-Gi: I really wanna take full advantage of that
fweakn-Gi: keep suprising you guys

Moderator: <EvAIn1013> to <Moderator>: How long does the white makeup take to put on?

fweakn-Gi: more...more
fweakn-Gi: three and a half hours each day
fweakn-Gi: usually get picked up around 4 in the morning
fweakn-Gi: wake at three
fweakn-Gi: try and get out of bed...leave the shnuggly body of my boy and my puppy and my cat
fweakn-Gi: we're a close family
fweakn-Gi: hehehehee

Moderator: <OtakuOverload> to <Moderator>: Gigi, how much time do you normally spend having to get mentally ready to play Chiana?

fweakn-Gi: as the make up goes on I invite chi in to come and play for the day
fweakn-Gi: on average you're working on 4-5hours sleep so it's important to get focus time if you get a chance
fweakn-Gi: usually after make-up we have about a ten minute breakfast...in which sometimes I sneak of to my trailer to get in a good head space for the day
fweakn-Gi: while dressing and putting radio mics on
fweakn-Gi: sometimes you go and do a block thru when your half made up...stocking cap on head...sometimes all white...quite a funny site to some of the crew..hehehehe

Moderator: <Nahla> to <Moderator>: How would you describe your first day of shooting on the set?

fweakn-Gi: ahhhhhh......hehehhee...BWAHHHHH.....eeeekkkkk
fweakn-Gi: something like that
fweakn-Gi: nerve racking, exciting, scary, sweaty
fweakn-Gi: hehehehee
fweakn-Gi: the first day of work on farscape I did my voice warm up before I left home at three in the morning...sat in the chair for three and a half hours...waitied around till lunch then got told to go home
fweakn-Gi: said what did I do I haven't even acted yet
fweakn-Gi: the ad told me the set you are working on today has been blown up so we don't need you till monday
fweakn-Gi: I was reassured I had truley entered the uncharted territories
fweakn-Gi: hehehee

Moderator: <Misfit> to <Moderator>: Gigi, what's it like being stuck in a box with a helium farting muppet?

fweakn-Gi: how do I answer that one
fweakn-Gi: I tell ya....nod bad...at all...some of that scene we had the puppeter me and ryg it was quite amusing
fweakn-Gi: and I get bad to snuggle in a barrell with a man and a rubber
fweakn-Gi: ooppss
fweakn-Gi: that was chi poppi'n out

Moderator: <Dalequan> to <Moderator>: Welcome Aboard. Your characters depth has increased every episode. Are you pleased that Chiana's weaknesses are being examined as well as her strengths. She has proven to be more than "Bonnie to Rygel's Clyde" in her complexity. How difficult has it been to demonstrate these changes and maintain Chiana's "norm"?

fweakn-Gi: Very
fweakn-Gi: initially...you get an idea of your character and you try and fulfill it to every possible degree
fweakn-Gi: the writers are constantly challenging us with various scenes to give us a chance to show all solours of the character
fweakn-Gi: I think she has definitly changed from Durka Returns...some good some bad
fweakn-Gi: I want to make sure each emotional choice is justified
fweakn-Gi: I also want to attempt to translate certain chi choices as alien ones....though I must remember the viewers must know what I'm on about...give them something solid to connect to

Moderator: Some love for you....
Moderator: <John> to <Moderator>: I loved your performance in Dream a Little Dream - it really showed your range - the high speed delivery was outstanding!
Moderator: <wombat> to <Moderator>: i'm curious...how much of you do they usually cover with makeup? it looks like you get less than virginia most of the time. do you get by with tight-fitting white shirt between your top and pants or is that painted too?

fweakn-Gi: I made sure I had heaps of red cordial and coffee before that one
fweakn-Gi: hehehee
fweakn-Gi: perhaos a little too much
fweakn-Gi: This was an interesting ep
fweakn-Gi: it had lots of challenges in it
fweakn-Gi: I haven't seen the final cut of it...so you guys are ahead of me on this one
fweakn-Gi: I think it's one of the first solid eps that you see some of chi's maturity and compassion for her shipmates
fweakn-Gi: oooohh

Moderator: <LtCommanderLewis> to <Moderator>: Hi Gigi! OK, my little sister's hero is Chiana, but she couldn't come to the chat so she asked me to ask you 'What is your favorite part of working on the set of FarScape?' and 'Who is your favorite character on FarScape?'...thanks a ton Gigi, when my sister hears that you answered her question, she is going to go magra-farbot with joy!

fweakn-Gi: it was also cool to play with Ryg lots on this one...initially it was the first ep of series two, by this time we had changed puppeteers
fweakn-Gi: and it was great working with the new team
fweakn-Gi: in series two rygels voice actually comes from off set so there were alot of takes with me answering to tim off set as opposed to ryg sitting next to me
fweakn-Gi: My fav part of working on farscape...hmmmm
fweakn-Gi: gee the answers don't get any easier
fweakn-Gi: hehehe
fweakn-Gi: ummm....I think number one on the list is the opportunity to work with such an ensemble, cast and crew. There is alot of freedom to play. The cast and crew are amazing, constantly testing, helping, supporting.
fweakn-Gi: my favorite character....
fweakn-Gi: oooooooo
fweakn-Gi: well chi knows her answer...one you haven't seen yet
fweakn-Gi: It's additionally awsome to play such a character as an alien
fweakn-Gi: love the movement work when it works...have to keep reminding myself it has to come from a place of truth to work effectivly
fweakn-Gi: And you guys....meeting and sharing and giggling and just playing
fweakn-Gi: We've been in a bit of a bubble here down under so to tap into you guys and your comments has been one of the main avenues in which to judge my work on

Moderator: <Corde> to <Moderator>: Hi Gigi! What was it like to kiss Anthony when he's wearing that mask and makeup? Did your lips actually touch, or was it just the makeup?

fweakn-Gi: inside info hey???
fweakn-Gi: you might have to ask ant about that one
fweakn-Gi: hhhhehehehee
fweakn-Gi: yes, but briefly..to get down to the juice of it
fweakn-Gi: his tentra is awsome to play with as you may have seen in some of the promos
fweakn-Gi: it's easy to get to cause with all the prostetics it gets a little tricky to locate what's actually where..hehehheee
fweakn-Gi: I think you guys are really gonna get a kick out of some of the up and coming eps

Moderator: <wombat> to <Moderator>: okay...so who came up with the delightful head movements and sultry voice that chiana uses so well? was that all given to you, or did you invent some (all?) of it?

fweakn-Gi: Initially I went into the audition and said..."I know she's an alien...how much do you want me to endow her with alien characteristic"...they replied..."we just wanna see if you can act"...then I was nervous
fweakn-Gi: initially I played her very human like in auditions and recalls
fweakn-Gi: it wasn't untill the make up test that I realised the extent of the look
fweakn-Gi: it was on the first day that they didn't use me...I asked to go and play in my room in the make up and cosi
fweakn-Gi: slowly..I started with breath work..the movements came from there....
fweakn-Gi: the contact lenses additionally helped cause they are tunnel vision, causing my head to turn more than what it would usually
fweakn-Gi: the first scene I shot was the one with Ben and Salis...where they locked her up so alot of the character grew from there...from the crew glances, from the cuffs from, being locked in a cell

Moderator: <MarylandJKoba> to <Moderator>: Hi, Gigi! Are we going to find out more about Chi's brother as the season goes on?

fweakn-Gi: What ep are you guys up to...*?
fweakn-Gi: 8?

Moderator: We are up to ahhhh....hold on.

fweakn-Gi: We find out alot more of chi's past including the connections she had with her brother....i think it helps to explain alot about chi and her mannerisms

Moderator: Home on the Remains. Out of their Minds airs next Friday.

fweakn-Gi: cool
fweakn-Gi: so the did the D'argo and chi fling come as a bit of a suprise to you guys?

Moderator: Oh. Sorry. Dream A Little Dream was the last ep. aired.

fweakn-Gi: ohh gotcha
fweakn-Gi: geez you guys are gonna love what scaperlands got in store for you..hehehhehee

Moderator: <OboeCrazy> to <Moderator>: To Gigi... Your character has gone through some intense changes since you joined Farscape. What has been the hardest to portray as an actress? (and your doing a wonderful job BTW!)

fweakn-Gi: I think the hardest thing about some of the intense changes is attemting you justify it for you guys
fweakn-Gi: so you can have a clear idea of where they have come from
fweakn-Gi: It's been tricky to keep chi the fun loving adventure hunter that she is when big emotional scenes come about
fweakn-Gi: but it's always an awsome experience to try and meet the writers and the viewers needs....
fweakn-Gi: sometimes we shoot three or four eps at a time and do adr for another....
fweakn-Gi: it gets a little confusing when your jumping back and forward to remember you characters emotional journey
fweakn-Gi: the writers offer fantastic circumstances for the character to dive into......learn..learn and learn some more

Moderator: <riddley> to <Moderator>: who involved with Farscape (actor, writer, producer, director, puppeteer, whatever) have you felt you've learned the most from, and what have you learned?

fweakn-Gi: It's fantastic because there are four directors to play with
fweakn-Gi: Their experience and craftmanship is great to tap into and they are constantly challenging you and seeing how far you can take your character and justify it at the same time.
fweakn-Gi: Right from the beginning Ben has been a huge help
fweakn-Gi: I had most of my scenes in the first ep. with him so he was probably the cast member that introduced me into the technical side.
fweakn-Gi: He is a *very* patient actor and a talented on at that!
fweakn-Gi: All the actors are really supportive with the long hours of the prostetics make up and the extensive time it takes on checks between a scene
fweakn-Gi: we constantly help each other out on set if barriers arrive within a scene or within a character's emotional journeys
fweakn-Gi: All the writers are unbelievable and very welcoming, you can always go up to their hang out and chat over scenes and what they want you to do with them
fweakn-Gi: They also offer a lot of freedom within the writing for instance initially Neri was my sister.
fweakn-Gi: I had a chat to Kemper about it. I was going over lines at home and didn't seem to be connecting to the sister choice, so I decided I'd much around with the idea of having a brother and instantly raw emotions arose.
fweakn-Gi: We had a bit of a chat the next day and he gave me the ok

Moderator: <mmilam> to <Moderator>: Do you fear becomming a sex object?

fweakn-Gi: What's that?????
fweakn-Gi: I get scared more of the idea that people will confuse Chiana with Gigi
fweakn-Gi: A lot of Chiana's manerisms are motivated from what she knows best, how she has been brought up and how she has been treated in the past
fweakn-Gi: I was having a chat to Ben the other day, getting nervous over one of the up and coming scenes that involved Chiana being sexually provocative
fweakn-Gi: Ben laughed... and said something similar to......."Well that's Chi for ya, its what her alien race do best.... on earth she would be considered a tralk... but in space it seems to go down ok"

Moderator: <kronos2000> to <Moderator>: Gigi, do you have any idea of the profound following you have here in the States?

fweakn-Gi: nope
fweakn-Gi: I get a hint of it when I get a chance to tap into the chat rooms and the sites, usually then I'm too busy crying or handshaking to realise the extent of it.
fweakn-Gi: It's a lot for one little girl to fathom.

Moderator: <CraisLover> to <Moderator>: Gigi, what do you do to maintain your figure and your health?

fweakn-Gi: Lots of Coke and Cigarettes.....giggle giggle... just kidding I do Thai Boxing when I can fit it in and working just seems to keep me on my toes. You have to be pretty healthy and fit to keep up with the schedule
fweakn-Gi: My puppy helps keep me fit too

Moderator: Well. It's almost time to wrap up. But, we have a bunch more questions Gigi. Are you willing to stay a few more microts?

fweakn-Gi: Play on!!!!!!!

Moderator: Cool. I'm sure the fans would love that.
Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: With all your interaction with writers and directors on Farscape, have you given any thought to writing or directing? Or are you an actor first, foremost and forever?

fweakn-Gi: At present acting is my passion and has been for a long time. I do write a lot of poetry and a few rough scripts when I get a chance but in later years I'm interesting in diving into other arenas of the industry
fweakn-Gi: At the moment I'm writing some lyrics to maybe later record with some friends

Moderator: <Centuryprime> to <Moderator>: Before Farscape where you a fan of SCI-FI?

fweakn-Gi: I was more into the fantasmagorical than SciFi
fweakn-Gi: The Dark Crystal anything that involved faeries or pixies, elves or goblins.
fweakn-Gi: Now I have no chance but to fully explore the unchartered territories and am loving doing it!

Moderator: <Dalequan> to <Moderator>: "Taking The Stone" was an emotionally charged episode for Chiana and her behavior reminded me of a teenager dealing with alot of "heavy" issues in their life while the "adults" ignore her crys for help or just don't see them. Was this intentional and is it a "clue" to Chiana's age range?

fweakn-Gi: It was fantastic to have a chance to explore Chiana's back story
fweakn-Gi: I don't think Chi herself, really realises how old she is, she's never really kept track.
fweakn-Gi: To Chiana most things in life can be manipulated, won over, toyed with. It is the first time you see Chiana's raw emotions to something that it really special to her.
fweakn-Gi: It was fantastic exploring her vulnerability and trying to come up with different colours/degrees of grief and how to deal with it, or how not to deal with it.

Moderator: <Athena> to <Moderator>: What does your screen name mean?

fweakn-Gi: It was a late night and you know I can't spell
fweakn-Gi: No, I actually spent extensive hours workshopping it.......I'm a nervous wreck really....doesn't it show???? hee hee hee

Moderator: <Tornado-Jackson> to <Moderator>: Gigi, how does playing an extraterrestrial alien compare to your other acting roles?

fweakn-Gi: It's give me artistic license to let the imagination play. At the moment I'm auditioning as much as I can to remember how humans act. I keep getting weird looks in the audition room when Chi suddenly takes over with an odd head turn or a little giggle.

Moderator: <Husdagri> to <Moderator>: How often do you get a chance to look at the SCI-FI Farscape bulletin board? Do you ever watch us rant?

fweakn-Gi: As much as I can, in the last few weeks its been really hard wrapping up on Farscape and continuing all the ADR
fweakn-Gi: I'm endeavouring to jump on more in the hollies, if I can only remember my password
fweakn-Gi: I also have been trying to play at the Chiana Shrine but I haven't figured out how to get a password from that site but I do sit in on some chats......little do you know who's lurking!

Moderator: <Hubacean> to <Moderator>: Gigi: now that Farscape is in Australia, do you get recognized yet?

fweakn-Gi: Chi hasn't come on yet here, but when she does I think people are going to have a hard time matching the Gi with the Chi
fweakn-Gi: Three and a half hours in the chair can make anyone look gorgeous
fweakn-Gi: hee hee hee

Moderator: <Qarc> to <Moderator>: If there is a balance between GOOD and Evil, then perhaps Chiana walks a very fine line. That she's a killer, we know. Just how dark would you like to carry this character?

fweakn-Gi: Gigi wants to tell...... but Chi won't let her.
fweakn-Gi: A quiet warning....keep an eye on her
fweakn-Gi: The calm before the storm

Moderator: <MsBean> to <Moderator>: I love the relationship between Chiana and John. How would you like to see that developed?

fweakn-Gi: I think it really has to be kept open to interpretation. You have seen the intense chemistry that has arisen in a few different situations, those being brother/sister, father/daughter and the one we shall leave alone :)

Moderator: <Xeddicus> to <Moderator>: The question to end ALL questions: Chiana vs. Aeryn, the winner is? :)

fweakn-Gi: vs. in what sense???? Who says we need John anyway!

Moderator: <kronos2000> to <Moderator>: Gigi, do you have any idea of the profound following you have here in the States?
Moderator: Sorry. asked already.

fweakn-Gi: I'm waiting to see in August
fweakn-Gi: I'm scared and frightened and excitied and giggling

Moderator: <Tom17> to <Moderator>: Gigi, what do u like the most about Chiana

fweakn-Gi: She is a lot more courageous than I am, she is truly out for the adventure, to taste the spirit. Her impulse sometimes surprises me.
fweakn-Gi: When I do lines at home without the make up on, I look um.... not so impressive, and quite odd in fact. As soon as I get to the set and have the full Chiana get up on I know its time to play

Moderator: <Hermione> to <Moderator>: Hi Gigi Question: After now a full season finished do you feel closer to Chiana more protective of her as a character?

fweakn-Gi: I get scared sometimes that I take her alien characteristics for granted and I don't use them to their full extent.
fweakn-Gi: In some aspects I feel like we share the same breath, in others I know our instincts are at opposite ends of the spectrum
fweakn-Gi: Over the break I'm going to try and watch the episodes from series one to series two to get the big picture and to see how far I can go with her and the new material

Moderator: <darlan> to <Moderator>: Gigi, a lot of people have described the relationship between Chi and Aeryn as big/little sister. Do you see it that way?

fweakn-Gi: (I only get protective when Ben starts doing the Chiana bum wiggle around the set heheheh)
fweakn-Gi: stealing my moves!
fweakn-Gi: Claud and I want to try and display different forms of how women interact with each other, initially the easy option was to have them at each others throats all the time. There is really a lot more to it and we hope to explore that more in series three.

Moderator: <Bruno> to <Moderator>: Bruno: Dating game question... if I come to the Con... what would I have to do to get your attention?

fweakn-Gi: Surprise and delight me!!!!! Visit Tiffany's first!!!!!!
fweakn-Gi: just teasing ;)
fweakn-Gi: show me around the good op shops

Moderator: <OfficerAerynSun> to <Moderator>: I know that Chi has had a difficult childhood, especially living on the streets. We saw a glimpse of Aeryn's past in "The Way We Weren't" and it really revealed a lot. Will we be seeing such an episode based on Chi? And if so will we be seeing a dramatic change in Chi afterwards?

fweakn-Gi: yes, in the up and coming eps. you find out a lot about Chiana's history, you probably will sense changes or realise why she has such mannerisms in the first place.
fweakn-Gi: Quite often Chi doesn't react as humans would, sometimes hurting the one she is closest too.

Moderator: <D-Eclipse> to <Moderator>: What's your favorite ep of this season? You needn't spoil a thing, except well... the number of the episode of course:) <g>

fweakn-Gi: 14 is one of my favs... 17 should be a goodie and the cliff hanger is one to watch out for!!!!!
fweakn-Gi: duh!!!! he he hee

Moderator: <Caliban> to <Moderator>: :Gigi do you find it a challenge or just more fun to interact with the alien-puppet creations of Farscape?

fweakn-Gi: The aliens are great because they make me feel comfortable with my choices and they encourage me to really explore. They are great to work off stimulus wise, quite often after a scene is finished I'll turn to the puppet and wait for them to respond on how they thought the scene went.

Moderator: And our last question for the night...
Moderator: <notsoEvil-ed> to <Moderator>: what have you been doing so far during your break from farscape?

fweakn-Gi: ADR - (dubbing over )
fweakn-Gi: interviews
fweakn-Gi: shoots
fweakn-Gi: trying to get my friends to forgive me for not speaking to them for the past year and half....with some just reminding them who I am
fweakn-Gi: playing in the park, fire twirling and working on these lyrics.
fweakn-Gi: .....and trying to remember my password

Moderator: Before we become unmoderated, be sure to tune in Friday, July 7 at 9PM ET for an all new episode of Farscape, Out of their Minds.
Moderator: Thank you Gigi for joing us tonight. Do you have any final words for our chatters tonight?

fweakn-Gi: Guys words cannot describe the giggles you have given me, the tears you have cunjred from me the shakes you put in my hands....
fweakn-Gi: Thankyou for helping me to realise that all you need to do in life is dream the life, live the dream, giving me courage when all seemed so faraway
fweakn-Gi: reassuring me that if you have a good heart, work your ass of and really love your profession you can go a long way
fweakn-Gi: making a little gal's heart pound
fweakn-Gi: love the life you live, hehehelive the life you love....
fweakn-Gi: sorry to sound corny...told you words couldn't describe
fweakn-Gi: hope to see you all in the states, if not sooner than later
fweakn-Gi: all my faeriest of kisses and warmest of fuzzies
fweakn-Gi: signing out ...:)...;)
fweakn-Gi: Gi

Moderator: Thanks Gigi. You were awesome tonight. I'm sure the fans appreciated you taking the time out to chat. Now what out...we are going to become unmoderated.