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Bringing Home The Beacon

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Production No. 416

Best Viewed As 4.16

Aired As
4.16 (US & UK)

Original Airdates
07 Feb 2003 (US)
27 Jan 2003 (UK)

1.3 (US)

Bringing Home The Beacon
Abbreviations: BHTB
Alternate Titles: (none)

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Writer: Carleton Eastlake
Director: Rowan Woods
Raelee Hill................Sikozu
Melissa Jaffer.............Noranti
Rebecca Riggs..............Commandant Mele-On Grayza
David Franklin.............Captain Braca
Francesca Buller...........War Minister Ahkna
Jonathan Pasvolsky.........Pennoch
Peter Lamb.................Rekka
Peter Fenton...............Negotiator
Olivia Pigeot..............Marella
Paula Iland................Unspecified
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Shop till you drop.

While the boys are off at camp, the girls go shopping, to buy Moya a disguise. Their expedition takes them to a black-market trading outpost; unfortunately, it also happens to be where the Peacekeepers have arranged a clandestine summit with the Scarrans, whose duplicity catches more than just Grayza offguard.


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Translator Microbe Report

Az Ko-nach unknown; transmission from a Scarran vessel (in Scarran)
Bioloid a replicant, a biomechaniod copy of a living person
Di-fan vivock! unknown; spoken by Ahkna (in Scarran)
Genetic modification another name for genetic transformation
Genetic transformation artificial species blending that temporarily alters the recipient's DNA
Gizah! unknown; spoken by Ahkna (in Scarran)
Jung idiomatic equivalent of god, goodness, or heaven: "Oh, thank jung!"
Katratzi a Scarran base
Kellek Nebula a nebula located within the Uncharted Territories, beyond which Grayza was willing to cede territory
Ko-nach! Frez-ne Ko-nach! unknown; transmission from a Scarran vessel (in Scarran)
Lanthal System division point within the Uncharted Territories that Grayza and Ahkna agreed to during their treaty negotiations
Lee! Eel-ca dir Stir-berk! Bac-du karekko o nailn tra marden, ska brecarro, pelotin. roughly, 'We saw one starburst a moment ago. We were afraid it was going to board us; thank you for scaring it away.' (in Skarran)
Mayla spores a hallucinogen
Milla-nerve pressure on this Nebari nerve paralyzes from the neck down
Nach-ko Frey-za Kalish-ah unknown; spoken by Sikozu (in Scarran)
Nah-ka set-at koth sekan devock! unknown; spoken by Ahkna (in Scarran)
Nak-ca Leh-vi-a-than? possibly, 'have you seen a Leviathan?' (in Scarran)
Nebari nu anits unknown; spoken by Chiana's masseuse
Nee-la trunk the component into which a sensor modulator is plugged
Prang anatomical location: "I wouldn't know one if it bit me on the prang." (secondary definition)
Pranged equivalent to screwed up: "What's with the comms? They're pranged."
Sense horizon the limit of a Leviathan's sensor range
Sensor distorter mechanism that fools long-range scans of a vessel's type
Sensor modulator a space-faring vessel's ID device
Skrillum portion of Nebari anatomy: "You carry a lot of tension in your skrillum."
SSDs commandos accompanying Grayza and Braca
Stryker the fastest type of Scarran military ship
Suggestibility potion added to a beverage, renders the drinker susceptible to suggestion
Tul-lum idiomatic equivalent of ass or fanny: "100 percent natural, my tul-lum."
Wisdom creases Noranti's term for wrinkles



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