A Snurcher's Guide to Farscape

ScaperCon, Chicago 2003

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Event Schedule:

Day 1

  1. Bianca Chiminello

Day 2

  1. Rebecca Riggs & David Franklin
  2. Lani Tupu & Jonathan Hardy
  3. Wayne Pygram & Anthony Simcoe

Day 3

  1. Bad Boys of Farscape


The fourth annual ScaperCon fan-run party was held on August 01-03 2003, in Chicago, Illinois.

Appearing at the convention were the following cast members (listed alphabetically):

This report was transcribed from rough notes taken during the weekend's events. All quotes are paraphrases, accurate to the best of our recollection/notes, but also subject to the failure of both. Huge thanks go to PyeCat, for filling in the gaps and correcting (hopefully most of) the errors; be sure to check out his site for some fantastic photos of the events.

To view the report for each day of this event, please use the links in the sidebar at left.

These notes do not cover the complete schedule of convention events. In addition to the events listed here, there were also two fantastic theatrical productions, a charity auction, the annual Snurch'n'Procure and Farscape Anonymous meetings, opening and closing ceremonies, extensive interviews, autograph sessions, and innumerable impromptu gatherings in both the hotel and convention hall. Hank Shiffman snapped some excellent photos, and has a nice capsule report of the broader schedule of events posted on his website.

The Farscape cast members who attended were truly generous with their time, and extremely gracious in their interaction with the fans attending the convention. Combined with the usual sense of family present at a ScaperCon, it made for a highly enjoyable experience, and a great weekend.