A Snurcher's Guide to Farscape

Official Convention, Burbank 2002

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Event Schedule:

Day 1

  1. Fan-produced music videos
  2. Wayne Pygram
  3. Fan-produced music videos
  4. Anthony Simcoe
  5. Musical performance by "Number 96"

Day 2

  1. Fan-produced music videos
  2. Ricky Manning & Actor Selection for a "Special Scene"
  3. Kent McCord
  4. Farscape Pyramid Game
  5. Live Commentary on "Into The Lion's Den: Sheep In Wolf's Clothing", by Ricky Manning and Lani Tupu
  6. Performances of the "Special Scene"
  7. Fan-produced music videos
  8. Claudia Black

Day 3

  1. Lani Tupu
  2. Fan-produced music videos
  3. Raelee Hill
  4. Ricky Manning
  5. Gigi Edgely (& David Kemper)


The third annual Official Farscape Convention was held on November 22-24 2002, in Burbank, California.

Appearing at the convention were cast and crew members (listed alphabetically):

This report was transcribed from rough notes taken during the weekend's events. All quotes are paraphrases, accurate to the best of our recollection/notes, but also subject to the failure of both. Huge thanks go to PyeCat, for filling in the gaps and correcting (hopefully most of) the errors; be sure to check out his site.

To view the report for each day of this event, please use the links in the sidebar at left.

For some excellent images of events onstage, be sure to check out Hank Shiffman's convention report.

There was a bit too much self-congratulatory backslapping between the two head honchos of Creation Entertainment, who seemed to have forgotten that no one was there to see or listen to *them*; additionally, despite their repeated assertions that they were 30-year fans of the genre, they repeatedly made glaring errors with regard to Farscape (Did you know that D'Argo wielded a Quatta Blade? Yeah, neither did we...and we didn't know that John's name was spelled "Chrichton", either, or that Leviathans were enslaved using Control Yolks...).

This year's convention was less organized than last, due in large part to the cancellation, which played havoc with everyone's schedules. For example, there were no blooper reels, because David Kemper wasn't able to be involved in the event planning due to time constraints, and he had usually provided the blooper reel in the past. However, those Farscape cast and production team members who were able to attend were delightful, funny, thought-provoking, highly entertaining, and full of great anecdotes to share. If you get a chance to see them in person, it's worth taking.