A Snurcher's Guide to Farscape

Uncharted Territory: An Unofficial And Unauthorised Guide To Farscape

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Uncharted Territory: An Unofficial And Unauthorised Guide To Farscape

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Author: Scott Andrews
Publisher: Virgin Books
Published: 08 Aug 2002 (UK)
Dec 2002 (US)


Covers the first three seasons of the show.

Table of Contents:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • List of Episodes
  • Season One
  • Season Two
  • Season Three
  • Appendix One: Back and Back and Back to the Future, Again
  • Appendix Two: Publications
  • Appendix Three: Web

From the cover:

Uncharted Territory comprises an in-depth, unofficial episode-by-episode guide, including categories such as Buck Rogers Redux, Nosferatu in Rubber, Alien Encounters and Get Frelled. Covering [the first] three seasons of the show, it also provides an indispensable look at the logic leaps, the spins the show puts on classic storylines, and behind-the-scenes information.


Front and back covers.

Comments from Author/Publisher

From the publisher:

Farscape is a smart, sexy and original show, the flagship programme of the American sci-fi channel, made in Australia and shown around the world. It is very popular (the viewing figures increased by 40% between seasons one and three) and award winning (it won the Saturn Award for the Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series in 2001) so, when Scott Andrews proposed an unofficial programme guide to join Virgin's critically acclaimed series, it was an obvious choice. With special effects by Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Farscape's plot of an all-American hero trying to cope with being flung throuhgh a wormhole into space and coming across a chick with a gun, a bald blue woman, a guy with tentacles and a puppet with silly eyebrows, is funny and gritty, anarchic and shocking. This is the indispensable unofficial guide giving you all the information you want to know on seasons one to three of this successful and unique show.

From the author:

First off, thanks for buying the book!

Secondly, I hope you liked it!

Thirdly, due to the premature cancellation of the show there won't be a second edition :-(

I wrote it because I'm a genuine enthusiast for the show but I'm sure there will be some of you who hated some of reviews, or who have questions, or maybe even errors to correct (not too many of those, I hope!)