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Ship of Ghosts

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Ship of Ghosts

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Author: David Bischoff
(who credits Martha Bayless as co-author)
Publisher: Tor Books (US)
Boxtree (UK)
Published: 07 Jan 2002 (US)
07 Sep 2001 (UK)


[The storyline of this novel is set very early in season one.]

From the cover:

Lost and alone in unknown territory, astronaut John Crichton has found a refuge of sorts aboard Moya, a vast living starship sheltering a fractious band of bizarre alien fugitives. Now Moya and her squabbling inhabitants have run afoul of a mysterious space vessel that only seems to be deserted. In truth, the ship belongs to a race of strange astral entities who lure the unlucky wayfarers into their clutches.

Desperate to fulfill an ancient prophecy, the crew of the "ghost ship" will stop at nothing to escape their limbo-like existence, forcing Crichton and the others to brave the mystic terrors of an alien realm in order to free the restless spirits -- not to mention themselves!


Front covers for US (l) and UK (r) editions.

Comments from Author/Publisher

From issue 64 of "Aboriginal Science Fiction" (Summer 2000):

Bischoff sold his first SF story a year out of college in 1974. He worked for six years at NBC in Washington, then decided to write full time. He has since written close to eighty books, one hundred and fifty stories, sixty-five magazine articles, and ten produced teleplays. He has a new novel, Philip K. Dick High, and a short story collection, Tripping the Dark Fantastic, out now from Wildside Press. He lives in Eugene, Oregon where he hosts a weekly radio program of progressive rock called Soundscapes.