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House of Cards

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House of Cards

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Author: Keith R. A. DeCandido
Publisher: Tor Books (US)
Boxtree (UK)
Published: 15 May 2001 (US)
23 Mar 2001 (UK)


[The storyline of this novel takes place between episodes 214 and 215.]

From the cover:

The pleasure planet Liantec was once the greatest gambling resort in the Uncharted Territories. Even now, having fallen on hard times, it remains a spectacle of glitz and greed. Astronaut John Crichton and his fellow interstellar fugitives see Liantec as the source of much-needed supplies -- except for Rygel, whose boundless avarice is tempted by the promise of easy riches.

Imagine his shock, then, when he loses their starship, Moya, in a game of chance!

To discharge the debt, and liberate their ship from the planetary authorities, Crichton, Aeryn, and the others must take on a number of challenging assignments. But all is not what it seems, for treachery and deadly intrigue hides within this...House of Cards.


Front covers for US (l) and UK (r) editions.

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