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Farscape: The Illustrated Season 3 Companion

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Farscape: The Illustrated Season 3 Companion

Description · Images · Comments

Author: Paul Simpson, Ruth Thomas
Publisher: Titan Books
Published: 21 Jun 2002


Table of Contents:

  • Foreword (by David Kemper)
  • Into Season Three
  • The Episodes
  • Script To Screen
  • The Characters
    • John Crichton
    • Aeryn Sun
    • Ka D'Argo
    • Zotoh Zhaan
    • Chiana
    • Jool
    • Stark
    • Bialar Crais
    • Scorpius
    • Rygel
    • Pilot And Moya
    • Recurring Characters
  • The Effects
    • The Creature Shop
    • Music
  • Into Season Four
  • The Lexicon

From the cover:

Farscape continues to dazzle viewers around the world, with its mix of great stories, strong characters and cutting-edge special effects building its reputation as the most original, groundbreaking sci-fi show on television.

This volume in Titan's bestselling series is the official guide to the show's daring third season. Once again compiled with unprecedented access to Farscape's stars and production crew, it's packed with exclusive interviews and photos, and of course includes a comprehensive episode guide. Farscape: The Illustrated Season 3 Companion is a must for all Scapers -- no plok.


Front & back covers.

Comments from Author/Publisher

From Paul Simpson:

"The theory was that we would visit the set every alternate year, so Book 3 was written while Season 4 was in progress. Unfortunately some of the cast's commitment filming was incredibly heavy, and we weren't able to get as much time with them as any of us would have liked, which is why some people aren't as well represented in this book."