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Farscape: The Illustrated Season 2 Companion

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Farscape: The Illustrated Season 2 Companion

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Author: Paul Simpson, Ruth Thomas
Publisher: Titan Books
Published: 22 Jun 2001


Table of Contents:

  • Foreword (by Brian Henson)
  • Into Season Two
  • The Episodes
  • Script To Screen
  • The Characters
    • John Crichton
    • Aeryn Sun
    • Ka D'Argo
    • Zotoh Zhaan
    • Chiana
    • Rygel
    • Pilot And Moya
    • Recurring Characters
  • The Effects
    • The Creature Shop
    • Creating Pilot
    • Costume Design
  • Into Season Three
  • The Lexicon

From the cover:

Farscape has quickly established itself as one of the most exciting and original sci-fi shows in years, mixing great scripts and characters with state-of-the-art special effects.

Now, following the bestselling first volume, Farscape: The Illustrated Season 2 Companion provides in-depth coverage of the series' amazing second year. Granted unprecedented access to the show's stars and production team, this official guide takes a detailed look behind the scenes, with exclusive interviews and photos, plus a comprehensive episode guide. It's a book no Scaper can be without -- in fact, it's frelling indispensible.


Front & back covers.

Comments from Author/Publisher

From Paul Simpson:

"At the first Creation convention in Burbank, David Kemper kindly invited me down to the set at the start of the new year to get the interviews for Book 2. By the time that happened, I had teamed up with photographer Ruth Thomas, and David Hughes kindly agreed to step down from the books. We had a great three weeks on set and came back with far more material than we thought we could use - until the Farscape magazine appeared, and relieved us of it."