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Paradise Lost (War Torn, Chapter 2)

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Paradise Lost (War Torn, Chapter 2)

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Published by: WildStorm Productions        Issued: 06 Mar 2002 (cover dated May 2002)
Writer: Marv Wolfman        Pencils: Robert Teranishi & Carlos Mota
Editor: Neal J. Pozner        Inks: Keith Aiken & Al Gordon
Design: David Baron        Colors: Dan Brown
       Letters: Sergio Gracia


This issue also includes chapter two of "Fourth Horseman", featuring Chiana in an adventure with the Nebari resistance movement.

From the back cover:

Looking to resupply Moya's critically depleted stores, her crew has encountered a planetary system at war. The spiritual Kylei and the industrial Garangee have been drawn to this system by "a voice from the stars," a voice that came from the uninhabited world of Tivira. After generations of conflict, the Kylei and Garangee agree on only one thing -- they will not share their holy land. For John Crichton and the crew of Moya, Tivira promises a way home, for it may be the site of a long-lost stellar map. Moments before signing an historic peace treaty between the two worlds, the leaders of both Garangee and Kylei are assassinated, fanning the flames of war.

Now, Crichton, Zhaan and Chiana are stranded on Kylei while Aeryn, D'Argo and Rygel are stuck on Garangee. They must avoid the crossfire long enough to find out the truth behind the conflict and unlock the secrets of Tivira. Will they survive long enough to bring peace to these war-torn worlds?


Front & back covers.

Sample page.

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From WildStorm's website:

The cease-fire agreement between the Garangee and Kylei has been broken, and Crichton, Zhaan, Aeryn, D'Argo, Rygel, and Chiana are caught in the middle. With neither side responding to reason, Crichton decides that Moya and her crew must go to Tivira alone, risking the wrath of both fanatical civilizations. (48 Pages; Cover Price $4.95)