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Rocks and Hard Places (War Torn, Chapter 1)

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Rocks and Hard Places (War Torn, Chapter 1)

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Published by: WildStorm Productions        Issued: 06 Feb 2002 (cover dated April 2002)
Writer: Marv Wolfman        Pencils: Robert Teranishi & Carlos Mota
Editor: Neal J. Pozner        Inks: Keith Aiken & Al Gordon
Letters: Robbie Robbins for IDW        Colors: Jeromy Cox and Wildstorm FX
& David Baron


This issue also includes chapter one of "Fourth Horseman", featuring Chiana in an adventure with the Nebari resistance movement.

From the back cover:

John Crichton is an American astronaut whose experimental spacecraft Farscape 1 fell through a wormhole, depositing him on the other side of the galaxy. Crichton found a home aboard Moya, a living, sentient spaceship with a crew of outcasts and fugitives from an oppressive military organization known as the Peacekeepers. Crichton -- joined by the warrior-poet Ka D'Argo, ex-Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun, Delvian priestess Zhaan, Nebari thief Chiana, deposed Hynerian Dominar Rygel, and Pilot -- travels the Uncharted Territories, seeking to clear their names and find a way home.

Low on supplies and on the run, Moya enters a system with three planets, the tropical, agrarian Kylei, the heavily industrialized Garangee, and the uninhabited Tivira. Crichton and company soon discover that Kylei and Garangee are at war, each claiming Tivira as their own holy land, and the potential site of knowledge that Crichton needs to get home. Can the crew get what they need without igniting this potentially incendiary conflict?

From "All About Books and Comics" (February 2002):

Fans of the TV series should like this -- it's faithful to its origins, and the art is detailed and well-composed, effective at reproducing the characters and creating Earth-like-but-alien worlds. The script reads like a typical episode of the series (it should, since Wolfman has been doing this kind of thing for around 30 years by now), and wouldn't have been out of place as an old "Star Trek" plot -- a solar system with two planets fighting over a third. Assuming that later issues don't involve computers defeated by illogic, or guys wearing old Roman centurion costumes, it should be a solid, if unspectacular, effort. If you like decent mid-level TV space opera, here you go. Grade: B-.


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From WildStorm's website:

The SCI FI CHANNEL's hit TV show is now a WildStorm comic! John Crichton and the crew of the Moya arrive in a system featuring two different civilizations in the midst of a war. The Moya's crew must tread a delicate path to avoid fanning the flames of the war, while attempting to gain access to the information that could lead the travel-weary crew back to their homes. (48 Pages; Cover Price $4.95)