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Laurence Woodward

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Woodward, Lawrence

PK Guard #2 - 101

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: unknown (London, England)

From a review of the album "Red Dog Karma":

Born in London, Lawrence came to Australia in the 1970s and tried his hand at just about everything that would feature on a typical country music record: jackaroo, overseer, railway shunter, traveller. But the people on and behind this album, including Rex (Roy & HG's The New Beatles, Bros of Oz) Goh, Doc (The Angels) Neeson, and producer John (Daryl Braithwaite, Red Herring) Bee, belie the fact that this is as much a country music album as these people are normally rock & roll!

Lawrence now does stunt work for people like James (Titanic, T2) Cameron, Jane (The Piano) Campion, George (Babe) Miller and The Matrix's Wacowski Bros, but tracks like The Shearer's Nightmare, Rage Rage, Soft Earth Blues and Big Bad Bill would be just as at-home on a Lee Kernaghan or Adam Brand record as in a jam session somewhere in Sydney's beachside east while the movie folk relax.

Other Credits

Television: All Saints; The Battlers; Close Contact; The Girl From Tomorrow Part Two: Tomorrow's End; Never Tell Me Never; Pirates Island; Police Rescue; Sahara; South Pacific; Water Rats
Film: The Boys; Cosi; Fatal Past; Holy Smoke; Lantana; Looking for Alibrandi; The Matrix; Moulin Rouge!; Paradise Road; The Punisher; Resistance; Titanic; Weekend with Kate; Whipping Boy
Theater: -
Other: Red Dog Karma [country music album]

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