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Whitford, Peter

Jabuka Clan Chieftain - 409

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 1939 (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)

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Television: 66 and All That; All Saints; Bodyline: It's Not Just Cricket; Cass; Chopper Squad; Come in Spinner; Computer Ghosts; Contrabandits; Five Mile Creek; The Flying Doctors; The Henderson Kids; I've Married a Bachelor; The Last Bastion; The Link Men; Number 96; Police Rescue; Prime Time; Prisoner: Cell Block H; The Restless Years; The Rovers; The Three Stooges; Water Under the Bridge; Winners
Film: Black and White; Careful, He Might Hear You; Dad and Dave: On Our Selection; Dead-End Drive In; The Man Who Sued God; Moulin Rouge!; My Brilliant Career; Oscar and Lucinda; Passion; Phar Lap; Running From the Guns; Strictly Ballroom; Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train; With Prejudice
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