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Tickell, Jeremiah

Kyr - 104

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: unknown

Excerpted from Chambers Theatre Company bio:

Born and raised in the deep South of the USA, Jeremiah discovered his love for the craft of acting at an early age. [...] he eventually found himself at the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts as a full time theatre major, minoring in music. [...]

At the end of 1995 Jeremiah heard his father's Australian heritage calling him, so by way of one packed bag and a one way ticket, he moved to Melbourne where he studied music for one year at the Box Hill College of Music. After carefully considering his options, Jeremiah decided to focus on his acting career by moving to Sydney and accepting a place at the National Institute of Dramatic Art [...].

After completing only one year of the three year course, Jeremiah was snatched up by Helen Rolland at Anthony Williams Management and so chose to take an extended leave of absence from theatre to throw himself into the wonderful world of film and television. [...]

Following stints in [numerous television productions], Jeremiah returned to Melbourne and to his old friend, the theatre [...].

Other Credits

Television: All Saints; BeastMaster; Monster!; Murder Call; The Potato Factory
Film: Strange Planet
Theater: Chambers Theatre Company
Other: -

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As Nylas in the television series, "The Beastmaster" (episode 1.03, "The Island").

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