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Thomsen, Tina

Tanga - 106

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 17 November 1975 (Frederikavaerk, Denmark)

Excerpted from Home And Away bio:

Tina [...migrated...] to Australia in 1982, at the age of 7 years.

Tina resided in Brisbane, where she continued her education [...]. During this period, she became very interested in becoming an actress. After joining a casting agency, she began an acting course with Michael Rogers.

The agency procured some photographic and some TV commercial assignments, including a lead role in a Queensland Government Drug and Alcohol Abuse film, which was shown to the public school children of Queensland.

By the time Tina was 15, she had done numerous commercials and decide to concentrate her acting efforts towards television. She took further private acting lessons from teacher John Dommet, then had new photographs done by her manager and photographer, Geoff Dauth. [...]

Tina's parents supported her career by moving to Sydney to ensure her well-being. She undertook a Correspondence school course to complete her junior certificate and attain an educational standard, whilst preceding with her chosen career.

Tina has one older sister named Sussi.

Other Credits

Television: Shark Bay; Home And Away
Film: -
Theater: -
Other: various commercials; Queensland Government Drug and Alcohol Abuse film [for public school children]

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As Finlay Roberts in the television series, "Home and Away" (1991-1994, 1996-1997).

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