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Nicholas Tate

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Tate, Nick

R. Wilson Monroe - 417

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 18 June 1942 (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

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Television: Alien Attack; The Alien Years; Boney; Boon; Butterfly Island; Chopper Squad; Civil Wars; Cosmic Princess; Counterstrike; A Country Practice; Danger UXB; Diagnosis Murder; Division 4; Dolphin Cove; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; Dynasty; F/X: The Series; The Flying Doctors; The Gentle Touch; Holiday Island; Homicide; Into Infinity; JAG; Journey Through the Black Sun; The Junction Boys; Lady Boss; The Lost World; Matlock; Matlock Police; Murder, She Wrote; My Brother Jack; Night Court; Number on End; Open House; Party of Five; Patrol Boat; Police State; The President's Child; The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest; The Red Planet; Ryan; Scales of Justice; Seconds to Spare; Sons and Daughters; Space: 1999 (aka Destination Moonbase Alpha); Special Squad; Spyforce; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Star Trek: The Next Generation; True Believers; Water Rats; The X Files
Film: Battle of Britain; Bed of Roses; The Coolangatta Gold; Cry Freedom; A Cry in the Dark; The Devil's Playground; The Empty Beach; Five Men and a Limo; Hook; Mementos; No 1: Licensed to Love and Kill; The Public Eye; Return from the River Kwai; Silent Cries; Steel and Lace; The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It; Submarine X-1; Summerfield; The Year My Voice Broke
Theater: -
Other: Escape from Monkey Island [videogame]; Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire [videogame]

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