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Spence, Bruce

Prefect Falaak - 409

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 17 September 1945 (Auckland, New Zealand)

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Television: Always Greener; And Here Comes Bucknuckle; Barnaby and Me; BeastMaster; Boney; Certain Women; Deadline; Dearest Enemy; The Dirtwater Dynasty; Good Guys Bad Guys; Great Expectations, the Untold Story; Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left; Halifax f.p; Moby Dick; The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas; Return to Jupiter; Short Cuts; Something in the Air; Special Squad; Tanamera - Lion of Singapore; Twisted Tales; Zucker
Film: ...Almost; Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls; Bachelor Girl; Buddies; Bullseye; The Cars That Ate Paris; Dark City; Dimboola; Double Deal; Eliza Fraser; Finding Nemo; The Firm Man; The Great McCarthy; Hercules Returns; Inspector Gadget 2; Let the Balloon Go; Mad Dog Morgan; Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior; Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome; The Matrix Revolutions; Midnite Spares; Newsfront; Oz; Pallet on the Floor; Peter Pan; Queen of the Damned; The Return of Captain Invincible; Rikky and Pete; The Shrimp on the Barbie; Star Wars: Episode III; Stork; Sweet Talker; Where the Green Ants Dream; The Year My Voice Broke
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Other: Enter the Matrix [videogame]

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