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David E. Peckinpah
D. Pekinpah
Nickname "Peck"

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Peckinpah, David

Writer of episodes 414, 419

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 1951

David is the nephew of Sam Peckinpah.

David and his first wife, Sandy, were close friends of actors Bruce Boxleitner and Melissa Gilbert Boxleitner, whose son, Michael Garrett, was named for the Peckinpahs' son, Garrett.

With his second wife, Lori, he is an avid Harley riders; they have named their production company "Working Outlaws."

Other Credits

Television: Beauty and the Beast; Chase; The Diamond Trap; The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story; Hijacked: Flight 285; Hotline; In Self Defense; Obsessed; Silk Stalkings; Sliders; Stillwatch; Turks; Wolf; Young Maverick
Film: Eliza's Horoscope; Man of the House; The Paper Boy; When Danger Follows You Home
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