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O'Gorman, Dean

Zukash - 420, 421

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 1 December 1976 (Auckland, New Zealand)

Dean attended Rangitoto College.

Excerpted from GDN bio:

When he is not working, Dean enjoys extreme sports, particularly snowboarding. He earned a black belt in karate when still a boy and took fencing lessons to prepare for his role in Young Hercules. He can also walk on his hands. On the quieter side, Dean told fans at Panathenaea 2000 how he had once created an Oriental-style garden. He paints and draws with oils and acrylics, and is currently showing some of his artwork on the Internet. Dean is also a photographer and a writer.

Other Credits

Television: The Chosen; Doom Runners; Duggan; Fearless; Hercules: The Legendary Journeys; Lawless: Beyond Justice; The Legend of William Tell; Raider of the South Seas; Return to Treasure Island; The Rogue Stallion; Shortland Street; Xena: Warrior Princess; Young Hercules
Film: Bonjour Timothy; Siren; Snakeskin; Toy Love; When Love Comes
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