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Matthew Newton
Matthew Joseph Newton

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Newton, Matt

Jothee - 218, 219, 220, 222, 301, 302

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 11 May 1977 (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

The IMDb has two entries for a Matt Newton, which both reference the same birth date:

If these two individuals are not the same person, then IMDb has some of their credits intermixed. Matt Joseph is credited for the Farscape role of Jothee; however, the actor who played Jothee (or his perfect doppelganger) also appeared on Miracles in a guest role, and that credit is listed under Matt Collins.

For the purposes of this page, we have chosen to cite the Australian credits.

Matthew Joseph is the son of well-known Australian performer Bert Newton.

Other Credits

Television: Changi; The Flying Doctors; Good Guys Bad Guys; Grass Roots; Late for School; The Lost World; The Panel; Snowy River: The McGregor Saga; Sugar and Spice; Water Rats
Film: Blurred; Body Melt; Looking for Alibrandi; My Mother Frank; Queen of the Damned; Right Here Right Now
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As Gawain in the television series "The Lost World" (episode 1.14, 'Camelot').

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