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Mora, Tiriel

Salis - 115

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 19 October 1958

Tiriel is the son of artist Mirka Mora.

Asked why he became an actor, Tiriel replied, "Job satisfaction at the age of 12."

Other Credits

Television: All Saints; All Star Squares; Blue Heelers; Boys From The Bush; Dogwoman: A Grrrl's Best Friend; Frontline; Glued to the Telly; Grass Roots; Heroes' Mountain; Medivac; Phoenix; Prisoner: Cell Block H; Roar; SeaChange; Search for Treasure Island; Shark Bay; Shock Jock; Stepsister From Planet Weird; Time Trax; Water Rats; Wildside
Film: The Castle; Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles; Cut; Elixir; Flynn; Future Schlock; Garage Days; A Kink in the Picasso; Official Denial; Queen of the Damned; A Slow Night at the Kuwaiti Cafe; Street Hero; Strikebound
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Non-Farscape Images

As Dennis Denuto in the film, "The Castle" (1997).

Contact Information

c/o Lisa Mann
PO Box 1192
Bondi Junction
NSW, 1355