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Mara, Mary

Lyneea - 102

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 21 September

While attending San Francisco State University, Mara established the theater company HART (Haight Ashbury Repertory Theatre), where she honed her acting skills. She later transferred to the Yale School of Drama from which she was graduated with a master's degree in fine arts. Mara, a native of Syracuse, N.Y., splits her time between homes in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Other Credits

Television: Ally McBeal; Becker; Boston Public; Crossing Jordan; Dish: Gossip in Hollywood; Empire City; ER; G vs E; Gideon's Crossing; The Handler; Hope & Gloria; The Huntress; In the Blink of an Eye; Indictment: The McMartin Trial; Judging Amy; Law & Order; Nash Bridges; NYPD Blue; Philly; The Practice; The Preppie Murder; Profiler; Saint Sinner; Spicy City; Stranger Inside; Switched at Birth; That's Life; Third Watch; The Visitor; The West Wing
Film: Blue Steel; Bound; A Civil Action; Em & Me; The Hard Way; Jumbo Girl; Just Looking; K-PAX; Lloyd; Love Potion No. 9; Mr. Saturday Night; Out of the Rain; True Colors; What Kind of Mother Are You?
Theater: Manhattan Theatre Club in New York; New York Shakespeare Festival: Twelfth Night; Yale Repertory: Ivanov
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As Abby in the film "K-PAX" (2001).
(IMDb photo)

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