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Karvan, Claudia

Natira - 218, 219, 220

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 19 May 1972 (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Claudia's daughter Audrey was born in 2001.

From ATIA:

Claudia Karvan was academically inclined at school, but acting had already become a big part of her life by then. Now she is one of Australia's most highly regarded film actors. When she was nine years old, a friend's father cast her in a feature film—Molly. Next up was a small role in Philip Noyce's feature, Echoes of Paradise. Then she was cast opposite Judy Davis in High Tide. Claudia was 14 years old. [...]

Claudia has won an Australian Film Institute Award for her work on G.P. (best actress in a television drama) and has been nominated for AFI Awards nine times in all — mostly for her film work. She has won an Action & Adventure Film Festival award for Best Actor (Redheads), an Australian Film Critics' Circle Award for Best Actress (Heartbreak Kid) and a short film she appeared in — Two Girls and a Baby — was acclaimed at Sydney's Mardi Gras Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. Claudia says she loves television drama for its immediacy — "the modern-day theatre" — and says the pace of producing a show a week requires her as an actor to be "less precious and more resourceful with my performance". When she is not at work, Claudia may be found on a yoga mat or a surfboard.

Other Credits

Television: The Big Schmooze; The Bob Downe Show; Enough Rope with Andrew Denton; Fallen Angels; G.P.; The Last Resort; The Lost World; My Brother Jack; Natural Justice; Never Tell Me Never; The Panel; Rove Live; The Secret Life of Us; Touch the Sun: Princess Kate; Twisted Tales; The Violent Earth
Film: The Big Steal; Broken Highway; Dating the Enemy; Echoes of Paradise; Exile; Flynn; Going Down; The Heartbreak Kid; High Tide; Holidays on the River Yarra; Lust and Revenge; Molly; Natural Justice: Heat; The Nostradamus Kid; Paperback Hero; Passion; Redheads; Risk; Star Wars: Episode II; Star Wars: Episode III; Still Twisted; Strange Planet; Touch Me; Two Girls and a Baby
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Non-Farscape Images

As Louise Roncoli in the film "Risk" (2000).

As Cassie in the TV series, "Twisted Tales" (1996), in the segment, "One Way Ticket".

As Georgina Oliphant in the film, "Lust and Revenge" (1996).

As Catherine Reilly in the television series, "The Lost World" (episode 1.16, 'Time After Time').

Promotional photo for the television series, "The Secret Life of Us" (2001).

Contact Information

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