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Ivar Kantz
Ivor Kants

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Kants, Ivar

Gaashah - 409

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 1949 (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)

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Television: Barnaby and Me; BeastMaster; Bellamy; Bluey; Cassidy; Chopper Squad; Counterstrike; Escape from Jupiter; The Flying Doctors; Glenview High; Heartbreak High; Homicide; The Lost World; Mission: Impossible; Murder Call; Neighbours; The Outsiders; The Plumber; Prime Time; Puzzle; The Restless Years; Runaway Island; Shannon's Mob; Special Squad; Water Rats
Film: Brothers; Dawn!; The Edge of Power; Gallagher's Travels; Jenny Kissed Me; Moving Out; The Naked Country; Silver City; Twelfth Night; You and Me and Uncle Bob
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