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Aurel Mitterdorfer

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Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 15 August 1974 (Sydney, Australia)

Excerpted from Heartbreak High bio:

I was born on August 15, 1974. My full name is Aurel and I am the oldest of four sons born to a Hungarian father and an Australian mother. When I finished my HSC I began a three year Commerce degree at the University of New South Wales. In between studying I dabbled in modelling but I was such a terrible model that my agent at the time gave me a script for Police Rescue and suggested I try that instead! I landed a guest role in two episodes alongside Gary Sweet - this was quite an initiation into acting! Since then I have had roles in Police Rescue: The Movie, G.P., Blue Heelers and a few television commercials.

However, within days of finishing my Commerce Degree, I earned the role of Ryan Scheppers in Heartbreak High and the rest is history. [...]

It still amuses me that someone who was banned from drama classes at high school because he mucked around too much can end up an actor but I did and I love it!

Other Credits

Television: Head Start; Heartbreak High; Rocket Power: Race Across New Zealand; The Stalking of Laurie Show; Time and Tide
Film: Dear Claudia; Page 73; Police Rescue; Teacher's Pet
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