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Haft, Linal

Zelkin - 219, 220
Maryk - Mini part 1, Mini part 2

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Birthday: unknown

Other Credits

Television: The Bill; Casualty; Comedians; Dempsey & Makepeace; Escape from Sobibor; Good Guys Bad Guys; Homicide; I, Claudius; Ihaka: Blunt Instrument; Invincible; The Lost World; Love Is a Four-Letter Word; Matlock; Minder; Minder on the Orient Express; The Potato Factory; The Professionals; Psychoderelict; Remington Steele; Riptide; Roll Over Beethoven; Shine On Harvey Moon; The Sweeney; The Three Stooges; Treasure Island; The Upper Hand; Water Rats
Film: Birth of the Beatles; He Died with a Felafel In His Hand; The Man Who Sued God; Moulin Rouge!; Soft Fruit
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Non-Farscape Images

As Warner in the film "Moulin Rouge" (2001).

As Winston Churchill in the television series "The Lost World" (episode 3.01, 'Out of the Blue').

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not available