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Gregg, John

Talyn Lyczac - 317

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 1940 (Australia)

Other Credits

Television: Bodyline: It's Not Just Cricket; Captain James Cook; Changi; Charlie Muffin; Chopper Squad; Circus; Consider Your Verdict; Contrabandits; Crime of the Decade; Delta; Disraeli; Doctor Who; Doomwatch; Elephant Boy; The Flying Doctors; G.P.; The Glittering Prizes; Grass Roots; Halifax f.p; Heartbreak High; Heroes' Mountain; The Hostages; Hunter; Love and War; Medivac; Mirror, Mirror II; My Husband My Killer; One of Us; The Oracle; The Ripper; Riptide; Roar; Shoestring; This Man... This Woman; Trouble in Paradise
Film: Black and White; Bootleg; Burke & Wills; Deadly; Ebbtide; Heatwave; To End All Wars; Travelling North; Turning April; Two Brothers Running
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As Carson on the television series "Heartbreak High" (1998-1999).

As Carson on the television series "Heartbreak High" (1998-1999).

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