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Gibney, Rebecca

Rinic Sarova - 307

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 14 December 1964 (Levin, New Zealand)

Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)

Rebecca was born in Levin, New Zealand, the youngest of six children. She grew up in Wellington, and at 19 she moved to Australia. Prior to becoming an actor, she worked as a model.

She was married to Jack Jones for six years, beginning in 1992; Rebecca is currently married to Richard Bell, a production designer, and the couple is expecting their first child in 2004.

Her signature role has been the character of Jane Halifax, in the television drama "Halifax f.p"; the role is generally said to have been written especially for her.

Awards won include:

  • AFI Award for Best Actress in a Mini Series for her role as Guinea in 'Come In Spinner'
  • AFI Nomination for Best actress in a Leading Role in a Television Drama for 'Halifax f.p'.
  • Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Television Actress in 1991
  • two People's Choice Awards for Most Popular Television Actress

Other Credits

Television: 13 Gantry Row; All Together Now; Come in Spinner; Day of the Roses; Enough Rope with Andrew Denton; Finding Hope; The Flying Doctors; The Great Bookie Robbery; Halifax f.p; Ihaka: Blunt Instrument; Kangaroo Palace; The Lost World; Die Millenium-Katastrophe - Computer-Crash 2000; Ring of Scorpio; Sabrina, Down Under; Salem's Lot; The Silver Brumby; Snowy; Stingers; Time Trax; The Zoo Family
Film: Among the Cinders; I Live with Me Dad; Jigsaw; Joey; Lucky Break; Mr Wrong
Theater: Happy Days - The Arena Mega Musical
Other: -

Non-Farscape Images

Publicity photo

As Lady Cassandra Yorkton in the television series "The Lost World" (episode 1.05, 'Cave of Fear').

Contact Information

Rebecca Gibney
c/o Robyn Gardiner
RGM Associates
PO Box 128
Surry Hills NSW
2010 Australia