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Pinky Beecroft

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Machine Gun Fellatio

Ford, Matt

Writer of episodes 306, 312, 319
Script Editor (301-311, 313-319, 322)

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: unknown

In addition to writing for television, Matt provides lead vocals for the musical group Machine Gun Fellatio, for whom (in the guise of persona 'Pinky Beecroft') he also plays keyboards/piano and guitar, and writes songs. The band's music has been featured on the Australian television series Love Is A Four Letter Word and The Secret Life of Us.

One of Matt's best friends is fellow University of Sydney alum Tim Freedman, of The Whitlams, another Australian music group. Along with another member of Matt's band, Glenn Dormand, they co-wrote the song 'No Aphrodesiac', which won an ARIA in 1998 for Song of the Year.

One review of the band comments:

It took Machine Gun Fellatio's Matt Ford (not to be confused with his close personal friend Pinky Beecroft) 12 years to write the hauntingly beautiful 'Unsent letter' - but given the band's writing process that doesn't seem unreasonable.

'We have a sort of chain letter process to writing songs. For example I'll sit down at the piano and write something really personal and then pass it on to Loveshark to see what he thinks and then he'll add something and pass it on to Chit Chat. With most songs the final direction we go in depends on whoever screamed the loudest in the argument - who had the angry pills that day - who can argue the most passionately for what they want,' Ford said.

Other Credits

Television: Frankie's House; G.P.; Love Is a Four-Letter Word; Medivac; The Paper Man; Stingers; Sweat; Wildside
Film: Diana & Me
Theater: -
Other: -

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As "Pinky Beecroft" in the music group 'Machine Gun Fellatio'.

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not available