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Carmen Joan Duncan

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Duncan, Carmen

Leslie Crichton - 214, 412

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 7 July 1942 (Cooma, New South Wales, Australia)

Carmen has two children.

Other Credits

Television: All Saints; Another World; Attack on the Queen; The Battlers; Chopper Squad; Counterstrike; A Country Practice; CrashBurn; Delta; Division 4; The Flying Doctors; Homicide; Hunter; Ihaka: Blunt Instrument; Intimate Strangers; The Link Men; Mama's Gone A-Hunting; Number 96; Riptide; Skyways; The Spoiler; Stock Squad; Supersleuth; Water Rats; Women: Stories of Passion; You Can't See Round Corners
Film: Allie & Me; Bootleg; Don't Let It Get You; Escape 2000; Harlequin; Liquid Bridge; Now and Forever; Platypus Cove; Run Chrissie Run!; Strange Holiday; Touch and Go
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