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Alexander Dimitriades

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Dimitriades, Alex

Velorek - 207

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 28 December 1973 (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

Alex grew up in the working-class Sydney suburb Earlwood, and attended Kingsgrove North and Sydney Tech High School. His parents, who divorced when he was 12, are first generation immigrants from Greece. Alex is the younger sibling of brother (George) and sister (Melissa). He cites his sister as a major influence on his career, "because she makes me laugh and I see a lot of myself in her. Also my grandmother whilst growing up".

Other Credits

Television: Blue Murder; Go Big; Greeks on the Roof; Heartbreak High; The Love of Lionel's Life; Neighbours; Wildside; Young Lions
Film: Ghost Ship; Head On; The Heartbreak Kid; Let's Get Skase; La Spagnola; Subterano
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Non-Farscape Images

Publicity photo

As Nick Poulos in the television series "Heartbreak High".

Contact Information

Morrissey Management
77 Glebe Point Road
Glebe, NSW 2037

Alex Dimitriades
GPO Box 10
Sydney, NSW 2001