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de Montemas, Damian

Melkor - 103

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: unknown

Excerpted from ATIA:

"Damian de Montemas travelled through the UK and Europe and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree before studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in Perth."

"When he is not working Damian spends as much time as possible writing and trying to improve his surfing. To keep fit he runs, swims, plays tennis and enjoys "kicking the footy" with mates."

Other Credits

Television: All Saints; Chameleon II: Death Match; Crash Palace; Don't Tell George; Minty; My Husband My Killer; Police Rescue; The Secret Life of Us; Stingers; Water Rats
Film: In the Red; More Than Scarlet
Theater: Freak Winds; Hamlet; Hedda Gabler; King Lear
Other: -

Non-Farscape Images

Publicity photos for the television series "The Secret Life of Us" (2001).

1997 graduation photo, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Contact Information

not available