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Dean, Nathaniel

Jothee - Mini part 1, Mini part 2

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: unknown

Attended the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney (NIDA); also taught in the NIDA Open Program.

Once resuscitated a man who had had a heart attack while swimming at the pool where he worked in Melbourne, Australia.

Other Credits

Television: Puberty Blues; Bikie Wars; Wild Boys; Killing Time; Rush; Satisfaction; City Homicide; Underbelly; All Saints; East West 101; Rain Shadow; Hammer Bay; Headland; The Heartbreak Tour; Love Bytes; Always Greener; Home and Away
Film: The Final Winter; Candy; The Chess Set; Perdition; In a Pickle; Somersault; The Rage in Placid Lake; Ned; Sweet Dreams; Walking on Water
Theater: -
Other: Warlords Battlecry [videogame]

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