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Alyssa Cook
Jane Cook
Nickname "AJ"

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Cook, Alyssa-Jane

Gilina Renaez - 107, 119, 120

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 16 February 1967 (Papua New Guinea)

AJ has two daughters: Georgia May (b. 1997), and Ruby May.

Other Credits

Television: Above the Law; Beauty and the Beast; The Brady Bunch Special; A Country Practice; E Street; G.P.; GNW Night Lite; Home and Away; Room to Move; Seconds to Spare; Sex/Life; The Single Guy; Sons and Daughters; Time Trax; Vietnam; Winners
Film: Almost Time; The Bells of Innocence; Paws; Subterano
Theater: A Bedful of Foreigners; Crimes of the Heart; The New Rocky Horror Show
Other: -

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Publicity photo for the television series "Above the Law" (2000).

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