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Carter, Richard

Voice of Kabaah - 313
Ullom - 405

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 11 December 1953

Other Credits

Television: All Saints; Bangkok Hilton; The Bill; Blue Heelers; Blue Murder; The Clean Machine; Fallen Angels; Heartland; Heroes' Mountain; My Husband My Killer; Police Rescue; Spearfield's Daughter; White Collar Blue; Wildside
Film: Around the World in Eighty Ways; Babe: Pig in the City; Belinda; Bootmen; The Date; Dogwatch; Emoh Ruo; Fast Talking; Gettin' Square; Grievous Bodily Harm; Howling III; Idiot Box; The Man Who Sued God; Muriel's Wedding; No Escape; Our Lips Are Sealed; Outback Vampires; The Punisher; Rabbit-Proof Fence; Reckless Kelly; Sher Mountain Killings Mystery; Signal One; Undercover; Wet and Wild Summer!; You Can't Stop the Murders
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