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Bruning, Robert

Rinic Pralanoth - 307

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 1928 (Western Australia, Australia)

Other Credits

Television: 13 Gantry Row; Barrier Reef; Blue Heelers; Bluey; Contrabandits; The Death Train; Delta; Demolition; Division 4; Dossa and Joe; Gone to Ground; Homicide; Hunter; Is There Anybody There?; The Last of the Australians; The Long Arm; Matlock Police; The Night Nurse; The Outsiders; Pastures of the Blue Crane; Rafferty's Rules; Riptide; Shannon's Mob; Silent Number; Soldier Soldier; The Spoiler; The Territorians; The Time Game
Film: The Alternative; Cool Change; Image of Death; Ned Kelly; The Newman Shame; Plunge Into Darkness; The Roly Poly Man; The Settlement; Snapshot; Sunday Too Far Away; That Lady From Peking
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As Tom in the film, "Sunday Too Far Away" (1975).

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